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Broulee Runners Wednesday Oct 24th

The cold southerly wind did not deter the 72 starters from running and walking in this evening’s event. We welcomed back Louise Cox and her two boys Freddie and Edward from England. We also welcomed the Pratt family consisting of Flynn, Jake and Sean. Harper Wescott made his first appearance in the 2 kilometres.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Jesse and Kobe Jenkins, Audrey and Lotte Knobel, Jason Domeny, Madison Ahern, Makoto Fujiyasu and Melanie Atteridge.

In the 3.5 kilometres Tania Dorney was the big improver. In the 5 kilometres Louise Cox, coming back after an absence of 5 months, ran an impressive improvement of 47 seconds.

Daniel Beby, the Hawaii Ironman, came to celebrate his achievement with his running friends. Also running this evening was Julie De Ernsted and Anthony Miles, who won medals at the Huskie Triathlon three-day event held last weekend.

Above: Anthony Miles, Julie De Ernsted and Daniel Beby. Julie and Anthony did the Huskie three day triathlon last weekend and Daniel, the Hawaii Ironman.

Above: Louise Cox and her 2 boys Freddie and Edward and also her partner Ken. The boys are out from England on holiday

2 Kilometres Rafael Dyason 8.24 Kobe Jenkins 8.27 Jason Domeny 8.39 Liam Carrol 8.46 Tino Lopresti 8.51 Daniel Greenway 8.53 Flynn Pratt 8.54 Connor McDermott 9.30 Mitchell Beby 9.30 James Greenway 9.45 Jake Pratt 9.48 Madison Ahern 10.22 Makoto Fujiyasu 10.27 Jesse Jenkins 10.33 Andrew Greenway 10.37 Audrey Knobel 10.59 Harper Westcott 11.02 Annie Carrol 11.03 Melanie Atteridge 12.25 Eva Barker 12.37 Jillian Edwards 13.40 Jackson Carrol 13.45 Lotte Knobel 14.22 Anthony Knobel 14.23 Isabella Lopresti 15.10 Rocco Lopresti 15.15 Victoria McDermott 15.40 Julia McDermott 15.44 Helen Okey 16.37 Roz Hayward 17.08 Ross Hayward 17.08 Charley Proksch 17.44 Jo Pollock 17.48 Richard Fisher 18.16 Maureen Searson 18.19 Leo Proksch 19.37 Christian Proksch 19.38 Christina Murray 20.33 Jenny Pollock 20.34 Ashlee Beby 21.07 Michelle Beby 21.08 Liz Pirro 22.03 Jo Pirro 22.04 Erin Domeny 22.31 Robyn Domeny 22.32

3.5 Kilometres

Rhys Flood 14.13 Sean Pratt 16.33 Riley Beby 17.25 Oliver Dyason 17.42 Nev Madden 18.53 Regina Knobel 19.32 Tania Dorney 19.43 Monty Lloyd-Jones 20.33 Laura Lopresti 21.16 Paul Searson 22.40 Emily Dickinson 25.05 Bruce Dickinson 25.05 Robyn Kennedy 25.48 David McCann 28.25 Susan Pettit 34.23

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.52 Freddie Deeks 20.54 Edward Deeks 22.26 Louise Cox 23.24 Dave Connaughton 23.43 Gerard Van Weerdenburg 24.09 Alan Andrews 24.14 Deb Connaughton 26.27 Anthony Miles 28.14 Julie De Ernsted 28.23 Morgan Pettit 28.25 Julianne Domeny 31.13

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