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Positive response from Dr Mike Kelly MP to IPCC report call for climate action

350 Eurobodalla delivered IPCC report on 1.5 degrees of Global Warming last week with Eden-Monaro MP Dr Mike Kelly agreeing with 350 Eurobodalla that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report means there needs to take strong action to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Above: 350 Eurobodalla members and Mike Kelly.

350 Eurobodalla of the group 350 Eurobodalla told the Beagle " We met with Dr Kelly in his Parliament House office on Tuesday and presented him with the IPCC Report Summary for Policy Makers.

"Dr Kelly said that the present level of carbon in the atmosphere was already harming Australia with the current drought made worse by climate change. The IPCC Report makes clear that even 1.5 degrees of global warming will cause enormous damage, but 2 degrees will be catastrophic.

"Dr Kelly regularly meets with Snowy Hydro and says Snowy 2.0 will create 5,000 jobs in Eden-Monaro and that it will be followed by Snowy 3.0 and 4.0 as more renewable energy comes on stream.

"Snowy Hydro can raise commercial loans for 2.0 as soon as there is certainty about the future of electricity generation in Australia.

"350 Eurobodalla said that Australia can phase out using coal to generate electricity over the next ten years. This can be achieved using wind, solar, batteries and hydro with the Australian National University plan announced in 2017.

"in response Dr Kelly said that Labor Party policy is for 50% renewable energy by 2030 and a 45% reduction in emissions from 2005 levels. Labor aims to reach net zero emissions by 2050, which aligns with the IPCC recommendations.

"Dr Kelly hopes that with good policy around renewables, Labor’s 50% target will be exceeded and there will be a rapid expansion of renewable energy.

"The IPCC report means that there should be no new coal mines or fracking. Dr Kelly said that he personally does not want the huge Adani mine to go ahead and wants Australia to phase out coal mining by 2050, starting with thermal coal used in power stations.

Allan Rees was clear saying "350 Eurobodalla opposes clear fell wood chipping of native forests which causes large release of carbon to the atmosphere. We need to grow more forests than we are harvesting.

"Dr Kelly agreed that wood chipping of native forests should end and that more plantations were needed. He said a carbon price would allow people growing forests to earn money while they stored carbon. Labor had done a lot of work during their last government to establish an accurate way to measure stored carbon in forests.

"Dr Kelly is working with Forestry to get a change in their practices.

In conclusion the representative from 350 Eurobodalla said "350 Eurobodalla is pleased that Dr Kelly as the member for Eden-Monaro supports strong climate action as recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

"Emissions are rising under the Liberal National government which dismissed the IPCC as “just another report”. This is an irresponsible failure to care for our country and our future." As a footnote from P. de Laney On Saturday Sept 8th a wonderful group of concerned people met in Apex Park Narooma in response to a Global Initiative from hundreds of large and small gatherings of people came together throughout the world to call for immediate action on the effects of Climate Change. It’s not a political issue. It should never have been made one. We allowed that. Now we’re waking and realise it’s our HOME we’re talking about. Together we’re getting that message across to members of Parliament. We took our beautiful banner signed by so many wonderful. concerned people up to Canberra on the16th October and were graciously received by Mike Kelly who shared with us his deep knowledge, awareness and concern for Clean Energy in Australia and for the whole planet. He spent almost an hour with us and was thrilled when he realised we were giving the banner to him and assured us he would have it hung in Bega or Queanbeyan Office.

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