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senseless and centless - carnage with no reason - the true face of Forestry Corp on show at Corunna

The Beagle Editor,

Many in the Eurobodalla do not know of or appreciate why the protests have been happening to stop logging of the Corruna forest. Can you please post our message and these photos so that when people hear the name Corruna Forest and drive by it between Narooma and Tilba this is actually what it looks like beyond the "tourist friendly" buffer zone left there to veil the true carnage.

Saying farewell to the Giants.

Can you imagine applying NOW for a public walk to be made amongst them? This work is being carried out NOW during 4 inches of rain over 5 days; only a few hundred metres as the crow flies from the banks of Tilba TIlba lake.

The water leaving the compartment is entering into Victoria Creek which is the fresh water source of the lake. This is despite Marine Park's advice to steer clear of silting up the lakes. It is hard to imagine how this is a responsible exercise. THIS is the exercise Forestry promoted as a 'thinning exercise" - look at the areas of the foreground where the harvesters have been through - there is nothing left whatsoever - not a blade of grass.

And interestingly. some of the photos pictured are the sections the community were told were NOT of interest to forestry because they are juvenile saplings required for future generations of spotted gum.

Is THIS what you would call a thinning exercise, or a sustainable harvest, just a few metres from where the Masked Owl was located? Keep in mind this is a LOSS making exercise and tax payers are funding the operations of Forestry NSW which is a loss making entity.

Can anyone explain why we are doing this?

Thank you