Share the Journey with My Health Record

My Health Record will soon help all Australians who choose to have a record and ‘Share the Journey’. This theme for Mental Health Month is particularly pertinent as individuals can share their information from their health journey with their healthcare providers. Mental Health issues can be very isolating. Repeating painful stories over and over can sometimes make anxiety and depression worse. Corey de Bruin, recognises the potential My Health Record has to improve health outcomes thanks to its ability to share important health information with his healthcare providers.

Corey (above) has a number of mental health conditions including an ongoing major depressive disorder, an ongoing anxiety disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He also had ongoing wisdom tooth pain in 2017. My Health Record has assisted him to manage the complex treatment of these conditions. “Being able to review medical instructions about the various pain medications I was on, was very useful, especially considering a lot of those medications used to suppress my memory whilst I was on them,” said Corey. My Health Record can also improve the communication between patients and their healthcare professionals by having the necessary information in one safe and secure place. “I don’t always consider what’s happening during my doctor appointments, usually due to my anxiety. So it’s nice to be able to view any results and pharmacy documents at home,” said Corey. “This gives me a better understanding of what all the information might mean, and allows me to write down any questions which the doctor is then able to answer.” Corey has found the ability to add notes to his My Health Record useful, and the system has helped him keep track of personal health details. “I’ve always been interested in fully understanding and taking charge of my own health. It’s great to have access to my own medical files without having to go and request them, as well as explain why I want them.” My Health Record allows you to nominate a representative or to have a trusted loved one or friend able to access your record, to help manage your health information. “My mother has a number of chronic conditions and she often asks me to review her health information on My Health Record. We can discuss any concerns she might have so that she can follow-up with her relevant healthcare provider. “My Health Record can help people who may have a chronic illness, complex medical case or impaired cognition, as it provides them with a digital summary of their key health information. It would be helpful for carers too,” Cory added. A My Health Record will be created for every Australian by the end of 2018 unless they choose not to have one. Individuals who choose to opt out can do so until 15 November at or by calling the help line on 1800 723 471. Records will then be created for interested Australians by the end of the year.

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