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Peta Mai teases her debut record with ‘After You’

Independent and Victoria Avenue member and country-pop artist Peta Mai is realeasing her solo EP on Friday This Is Not About You will be the first solo effort from Peta Mai, who has already found acclaim during her time in country trio Victoria Avenue, which saw her share the stage with the likes of Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes. Peta informed The Beagle regarding her travels to the South Coast: "I toured plenty of regional areas in NSW with Victoria Avenue e.g. Ballina, Coffs Harbour Hoey Moey, Tamworth, Grafton, Armidale, usually on the way to Queensland (we did festivals like CMC Rocks and Gympie Muster there). "So the South Coast will be new territory for me! I would love to incorporate it into the future touring schedule. My family has a little holiday cabin down there so I’m in love with the area!”

VIDEO: Peta Mai - After You Peta Mai's EP This Is Not About is 5 tracks

Girl Code: This is a song about a betrayal at the hands of a friend. Many songs tell the story of a boyfriend or partner cheating, but when there’s also a friend you trust involved in that, it changes the game completely. It was important to me that Girl Code focused on the relationship between the two women and what was sacred there that’s been lost. This was a pivotal moment for me - it definitely set certain events into motion, two of those being the evolution of my songwriting and the creation of this EP.

Fire: ‘Where there’s smoke there’s always fire’. As people, we seem to love to invest in the wrong person and ignore all warning signs. I’ve always felt so connected to fire as a symbol - it’s mesmerising, but if you get too close, it’ll burn you. This song is about the push and pull between the fantasy and reality of a toxic relationship.

We Could’ve Been More: This is a song for those who had love and lost it too soon. It has a flirtatious, fun energy. ‘We Could’ve Been More’ puts on rose coloured glasses and stares into the past.

After You: The song itself is very reflective… the video’s narrative is based on finding myself in a new relationship, but my partner’s self love seems to keep lingering. The director and I wanted to highlight my moments of insecurity in the video with flashbacks of the old relationship and female partner in a way that’s almost ghostly.

Thank You For Goodbye: This is a ‘driving down the highway’ kind of track. I woke up one morning about a year ago with so much clarity around broken relationships and events that I never got closure on. I’d felt stuck for a long time, so it was a blissful moment to realise I was finally ready to let go and move on. This song is the definition of closure for me, so it was destined to be the finishing track on the EP.

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