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Eurobodalla groups support Rise for Climate event

With E bike bulk buy you can save money and cycle further Rob Shorrock of SHASA, the Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance, said that “the biggest increase in emissions is from transport.”

Shorrock said “for your trips of 5km of less, SHASA recommends you purchase an electric bike. Our chair Kathryn Maxwell uses an electric bike for all her trips around Moruya township.”

An E bike can help anyone cycle further and allows older or less fit people to get around easily on a bicycle.

“To make it more cost effective SHASA has entered into an arrangement with Moruya Bicycles to run an Electric Bike Bulk Buy where you will save up to 20% on a range of electric bikes.”

“With the very poor public transport services available in the Eurobodalla, the most feasible way to reduce your transport emissions is to buy a very fuel efficient vehicle, a hybrid vehicle and if possible an electric vehicle. “

“SHASA is working with the Council and NRMA to get more electric charging stations in the Eurobodalla.”

Coastwatchers, Nature Coast Marine Group and Friends of the Forest (Mogo) also supported 350 Eurobodalla at Rise for Climate.