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Sudmalis called on to support the End of Live Exports

The Beagle Editor,

As a concerned constituent of the Gilmore electorate I have contacted our local member, Hon Ann Sudmalis, on several occasions on the live export expose. Like so many Australians concerned about the inhumane and absolute cruelty of this abominable live export trade I have been doing what I can to let our politicians know how I feel and what I expect of them as fellow human beings Many concerned about animal cruelty and stopping live export have been campaigning hard on a daily basis to make a difference and to do so now. If this issue is not resolved and live export is not stopped, it will be a Federal election issue. I realise that farmers are also business people making decisions on a daily basis about market trends and viability. Some politicians have even suggested that ending this trade will make them crumble. This will not occur if the ‘powers that be’ stand up for farmers and provide the essential leadership and the restructuring required to transition from a cruel trade to a more beneficial one for animals and people. Doing so will provide the necessary infrastructure and support at home in Australian-grown industries. I have yet to hear back from our Honourable Member and will be following closely how she votes on any Bill coming before Parliament and during the Federal election campaign. Margaret Park, Surf Beach

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