An Open Letter to Ann Sudmalis

The Beagle Editor, An Open Letter to Ann Sudmalis from Terry McGee Ann, I've just read your latest emailed offering. Sorry to be blunt, but you must be effing stupid! Or think we are. Australia cannot afford the "income tax relief" you pretend to offer (hah hah at the weasel words, but really Ann, you should be ashamed of yourself!). You are attempting to buy votes in the forthcoming by-elections, and the general election to come. But in doing so, you are reducing government income needed to reduce our national debt and to fund adequately the services our people (who are a lot smarter than you and your henchfolk) need for themselves and want for those less fortunate than ourselves. And particularly less fortunate than your well-funded but totally-redundant self. So, some of us might pay a few dollars less in tax. Big deal. But we lose a lot more in essential services. Like education and nursing. Great work, Ann. Consider this too, Ann. On July 1, you - our non-representative parliamentary representative - cheerfully accepted a pay rise. You're already on a very good screw, Ann, compared to most Australians. On the very same day, a vast number of Australian workers in the hospitality and retail sectors took a pay cut, because of legislation you voted for. Retail and hospitality are big around here, Ann, so this matters to us. These are our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends. You and your hopelessly stupid (no, let me rephrase that, treacherously devious) colleagues pretend that that was all about increasing employment opportunities in the sector. Great work again, Ann. Increasing employment opportunities in an already underpaying sector by reducing pay even further! More people get worse paying jobs! Gobsmacking. You can probably tell, Ann. I'm struggling to remain civil. I look to the east, Ann, and see Jacinda Adhern bringing social justice to New Zealand. I look further east and see President elect AMLO bringing long-awaited hope to Mexico. To the north of Mexico, I see young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win a primary over a veteran Democrat in in New York’s 14th congressional district. Guaranteed to translate that into electoral victory. She is representative of her constituency. Unlike you, Ann, representative only of those who seek to deceive us. Change is afoot, Ann, and dinosaurs like you are are targeted. Enjoy the pay rise, Ann. I'm hoping it will be your last. Terry McGee Malua Bay

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