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Great improvement by BMGW against Eden

Another massive effort by BMGW this week, taking on Eden, consistently the best team in the comp for the past 3 years.

BMGW were in front 6 – 12 at the end of the first. Playing 12 on, no reserves with 2 first timers, against a 20 strong Eden subbing out every ten minutes or so on a warm winters day was always going to be a tough gig.

The girls dug deep holding Eden off with a brilliant defensive effort, staving off what could have been a scoreboard annihilation. In possibly their most physically demanding game of the year, the only thing holding them back was fresh legs, BMGW only went down by 4 goals and 1 behind.

Final score; Eden 6 - 8 - 44 BMGW 3 - 1 - 19

Really hard to pick the bests this week, but with her constant attacking of the ball, high flying leaps, great runs and kicking the best goal of the match from the side line, this weeks Best on Ground goes to Kristelle Westbrook, closely followed by 2nd gamer Lucy Jones and Laura Alves.

FYI: The last time we played Eden at their home ground BMGW went down 0 – 1 – 1 to 15 - 14 – 104.