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Moruya Community Workshed news

This month we are featuring Ann Rich, a long-time member of the Moruya Community Workshed. Ann has completed many projects on various pieces of equipment and, with initial guidance from other members of the workshed, she is now competent using equipment including the lathe, drill press, table saw, thicknesser, jigsaw and linisher.

“I enjoy producing useful items for my home,” Ann said, including shelving, storage boxes, hat rack, collapsible luggage rack and a bedside tray.

She particularly enjoys using slabs of attractively-grained hardwood timbers sourced from local timber mills to produce the tops for coffee tables and then constructing the table that will hold it up using her own designs.

Not restricted to items for the house, Ann has also made some garden art using CDs attached to coiled steel.

“When I bought my house, I needed furniture and realised I could make something more unique than I could buy. This is the only Shed that welcomes women to join so I jumped at the chance,” she said.

Her interest began as a child watching her handyman father in his shed and later being involved in building her first home.

New members are always welcome. You will find us at the back of Moruya High School or ring Terry on 0418 422 403 or Greg on 0427 571 315. The Moruya Community Shed is not just about woodwork, furniture making and welding. Several members make beautiful jewellery as well. If you have a DIY project in mind, or want to learn to use the specialised equipment, you can join for $25 per year.

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