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Rules apply when you fly- Check out CASA’s new drone safety animation

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has launched a new drone safety campaign aimed at young drone pilots.

It comes at a time when the number of drones flying within Australia is estimated to exceed 120,000.

CASA’s acting Director of Aviation Safety, Graeme Crawford, says the new drone safety animation is designed to make the drone safety rules clear to drone pilots of all ages.

“Drone flyers are pilots and when they fly their aircraft they share the skies with a range of other aircraft including commercial airliners, helicopters, recreational aircraft and sport aircraft and there is a responsibility that goes along with having that access.

“It’s our role to make sure that drone flyers know there are safety rules that must be followed before they take off whether it is for the first time or subsequently.

“These rules exist to keep people and other aircraft in the skies safe and we hope that this animation is something that parents and teachers can use to educate future drone pilots about how to fly safe.

“The video is one part of our ongoing proactive drone educational campaign that aims to reinforces the drone safety rules and encourages drone flyers to fly responsibly.

The animation promotes the basic do’s and don’ts of drone flying:

  • Always keep your drone where you can see it

  • Don’t fly your drone higher than 120 metres

  • Operate at least 30 metres away from people

  • Don’t fly in built up areas

  • Don’t fly at night, in fog or cloud

  • Don’t fly within 5.5km of an airport

  • Respect people’s privacy

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