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Batemans Bay BMX Open this May 27th

The Batemans Bay BMX Club is holding their annual BMX Open on Sunday 27th May.

There will be approx 300 entrants for the open with approx 1200 spectators attending. With practice sessions starting with: • 8-11 Years - 8am - 8:30am • 17+ including Superclass - 8:30am - 9am • 12-16 Years - 9am - 9:25am • Sprockets - 9:25am - 9:50am Racing will then begin at 10am sharp Riders from far and wide will be arriving, many new to the area giving the Shire an opportunity to showcase its attractions and to show off the fantastic facility that the Batemans Bay BMX have created for their community. Internationally they are already Googling Batemans Bay as Leah Hearne of the Batemans Bay BMXers has developed a solid fan base following her appearance at the USA 2017 world championships representing Australia. Leah attended the famous Rock Hill track, one of the few Olympic-like tracks in the USA designed by inspiration from the Beijing BMX track of 2008. It was a tremendous opportunity for here as the 2017 UCI World Championships hosted an over 3,300 riders with an estimated 300 professional athletes from over 40 countries, over the course of 5 event days. And in the middle of it all was Batemans Bay's Leah Hearne.

There is no doubt that the May 27th BMX Batemans Bay Open event will bring lots of new attention to the area and also benefit our local accommodation providers and businesses. Events like this require strong community and business house support and the BMX Batemans Bay crew have that in spades.

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