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Laurie Masterson - Yumaro's Lawn Mower Specialist

Meet Laurie Masterson Many in the shire know Laurie from the Tomakin Sports and Social Club where he has been working for over six years, stocking barrels, serving customers and assisting behind the bar when needed. He also made an appearance in the advertisement that the Club made a year ago when they were applying for the 2017 Clubs and Community Award in the Disability, Welfare and Social Inclusion section. They included Yumaro in making the video because Laurie works both at an both ADE (Australian Disability Enterprise, which is Yumaro) and while also in Open Employment. At Yumaro Laurie has been dubbed as the "Lawn Mower Specialist" as he is just brilliant at lawn maintenance, gardening, mowing and ANYTHING to do with landscaping. He also has been dubbed as Yumaro's Lawn Mower Specialist"

Above: from Yumaro's Facebook page "Check out what our 'Lawn Mower Specialist' has been up to this week! He is clearing out all the weeds and excess small unwanted plants to "get the front of Yumaro to look as amazing as possible!" "Yumaro is planning on making sure the garden out the front is as green as possible while also adding in beautiful eye catching flowers. This idea has been in Laurie's mind for weeks and with the help of our Operations Manager, Yumaro's front garden will look INCREDIBLE!" But Laurie is also a quiet sporting achiever winning ALL of these amazing ribbons when he participated in the Special Olympics Championships in Adelaide at the beginning of May.

In Swimming, he came 2nd in the 200m Medley, 3rd in Relay, 5th in Freestyle and 5th in Backstroke (all 100m) AND 4th in Basketball. Congratulations Laurie! Show off those ribbons with pride! If you are in the Moruya area on the 24th May around 10:30 Yumaro is hosting a Morning Tea - give us a call if you want to pop in. 44743 336

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