Internet and travel free for all for councillors comes under question

Dear Beagle, Please explain how Thomson's travel expense are more than twice his fellow councillors. While you are at it can you explain how Tait is just $252 for Phone, Fax and internet and Pollock and McGinlay are four times more. My mate says Thomson drives from Belowra and has his petrol paid for. Is that right? I pay $20 a month to BOOST with unlimited calls and 2GB of data on a 4G Telstra network. Looking at this bill for 4 months based on Tait as the lowest denominator I assume that the base rate is $252 / 4 = $61 a month for calls and 3GB of data. If calls are unlimited what is this mob doing with their internet? If these bills were our daughters we would ground her.

This mob aren't showing any respect with our money. I do stuff with the outdoor Council guys sometimes and they all have iPads and phones. Heaps of them and apparently this is the new way to do timesheets and jobs. How much are their phone bills? Great lurk at our expense and this mob don't give a sh&* and tell me to pay more for the tip and our rates. Disgusted Name and address with held as they don't want to be victimised by Council

In response to the questions above: From the Councillors Expenses Policy Local Travel Arrangements and Expenses Travelling and any other actual and reasonable out of pocket costs will be reimbursed in relation to the following: -Council meetings -Council committee meetings -Working Group meetings which the Councillor is the nominated delegate; -Section 355 Committee meetings -External Organisations/Committee Meeting, which the Councillor is the nominated Delegate, except where fees are paid to the Councillor by the external organisation -Workshops convened by Council -Meetings convened by Council -Training programs relating to the role of the Council -Inspections within the area of the Council, undertaken according to a resolution of Council,and -To attend a formal function or meeting where a formal invitation to attend arises only as a result of the position as a Councillor.

Telephone & Internet Expenses

Council will supply each councillor with an iPhone, iPad (3G & Wi FI capability) or any comparable technology Council believes suitable at the time. Both the iPhone & iPad have a data allowance of 3GB each and will be connected to Council’s Telecommunication Account. There will be a maximum data usage of 3GB per month per device.

Data usage exceeding 3GB per months will be charged back to councillors.

Councillors must declare any private benefits that are more substantial than merely‘incidental’and these will be charged back to the councillor.Additional costs may be permitted in extenuating circumstances, subject to Mayoral or General Manager’s approval.


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