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Mike Kelly: Skills Shortage Impacting Local Businesses

Our rural and regional communities are suffering due to the Turnbull Government’s cuts of nearly $3 billion from TAFE, skills and training.

A recent survey undertaken by Regional Development Australia Southern Inland (RDASI) has shown that 62% of local businesses, including 80% in the Snowy Monaro, believe that they have a skills shortage which they have attributed to a lack of technical skills available in potential employees.

Strong local TAFE’s play a vital role in our regional economies as they ensure that the technical skills taught match the locally available jobs.

The expansion of Snowy 2.0 will bring hundreds of renewable energy jobs to our region and it will be very disappointing, if due to Turnbull’s cuts, our locals will not have the technical skills needed to fulfil these roles.

Turnbull Government’s cuts have resulted in a shameful decline in locals undertaking apprenticeships in Eden-Monaro, down 42% since 2013.

To get the skills our local business need, a Labor Government will commission a once in a generation review of post-secondary education, for the first time, across both TAFE and universities.

A Labor Government will also restore the $637 million that the Turnbull Government cut from vocational education and training in the 2017 Budget and guarantee TAFE receives at least two-thirds of all Commonwealth VET funding to place the iconic public provider at the centre of the training system.

Skills, training and the support of our local businesses are too important to be left in the hands of the dysfunctional Turnbull Government that’s hell-bent on making unnecessary ideological cuts to TAFE.

Labor has a comprehensive and fully funded plan that will support TAFE and boost apprentice numbers across the country. Media Release

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