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Broulee Runners Wed 2nd May

Perfect conditions attracted a record field of 119 runners/walkers in this evening’s event. We welcomed to their first run the Gregan family of Sam and Harry, the Lasscock family of Harper, Cooper and Mia, the Richards family of Max and Marcus and Tim Devane, Taylah Connaughton and Chris Murray.

In the 2-kilometres personal best times were recorded by Connor McDermott, Tina Lopresti, Leila Pratt, Victoria McDermott, James Greenway, Zahlia Kelly, Andrew Greenway, Poppy Melgaard, Alba Van Der Meulen, Julien Dunne, Sabrina Mallard, Natalie Greenway, Jade Berry, Lucinda Mitchell, Rachael Wade, Lotte Knobel Nerrida Louttit and Leo and Felicity Richards.

In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Riley Beby, Hayden Louttit, Erin and Amber Domeny, Darren and Erin Drewsen, Jessica Flood, Isabella Lopresti, Steve Phipps, Pamela and Bart Gannon.

In the 5 kilometres the improvers were Scott Melgaard, and Tracey Denning.

Two of our runners this evening are participating in the Ironman Triathlon at Port Macquarie on Sunday 6 May. Daniel Beby is competing in the full distance Ironman event and Steve Phipps in the half Ironman. Adrian Connor is already at Port Macquarie in preparation for the full Ironman. The participants this evening were very excited about these three athletes and wished them well in their races.

Above: Ironman Daniel Beby with his wife Michelle and children Riley, Mitchell and daughter Ashley. Daniel is expected to perform at the top of the Eurobodalla participants in the Port Macquarie Ironman triathlon this coming weekend.

2 Kilometres

Luke Drewsen 7.56

Connor McDermott 8.14

Iona Kelly 8.33

Mitchell Beby 8.50

Tina Lopresti 8.51

Selby Johnston 8.52

Daniel Greenway 8.57

Rosie McPartland 9.18

Deakin McPartland 9.19

Beau Melgaard 9.19

Leila Pratt 9.21

Victoria McDermott 9.51

James Greenway 9.53

Zahlia Kelly 9.59

Michelle Beby 10.02

Andrew Greenway 10.06

Poppy Melgaard 10.16

Poppy Mitchell 11.02

Alba Van Der Meulen 11.09

Paul Searson 11.39

Rocco Lopresti 11.56

Emily Dickinson 11.56

Bruce Dickinson 11.57

Laura Lopresti 11.58

K A Whyte 12.01

Kelly McPartland 12.40

Makayla Wade 13.09

Chris Wade 13.12

Audrey Knobel 13.57

Julien Dunne 13.59

Sabrina Mallard 14.00

Anthony Knobel 14.01

Carissa Morgan 14.37

Janelle Morgan 14.37

Hugo Mitchell 14.58

Natalie Greenway 15.21

Patrick Wade 15.26

Travis Dummett 15.45

Kathryn Jeffery 15.52

Betty Jeffery 16.13

Ebony Berry 16.38

Jade Berry 16.44

Lucinda Mitchell 16.55

Michelle Mitchell 16.55

Rachael Wade 17.11

Charley Proksch 17.36

Christian Proksch 17.36

Jacqui Berry 18.27

Maureen Searson 18.30

Bailey McDermott 18.32

Julia McDermott 18.33

Lotte Knobel 19.35

Regina Knobel 19.36

Victoria Fleming 20.06

Nerida Louttit 20.07

Trish Eccles 20.44

Ashley Beby 21.12

Daniel Beby 21.13

Jenny Pollock 21.31

Chris Murray 21.31

Jill Bennett 21.59

Liz Pirro 21.59

Jo Pirro 22.00

Aiden Johnston 24.11

Kat Johnston 24.12

Leo Richards 26.46

Felicity Richards 26.47

Sam Gregan 26.48

Harry Gregan 26.49

Leo Proksch 26.51

Jo Pollock 26.52

3.5 Kilometres

Mia Lasscock 15.23

Riley Beby 15.24

Hayden Louttit 17.06

Erin Drewsen 17.41

Darren Drewsen 17.42

Jessica Flood 17.43

Jo Flood 17.43

Sando Lapresti 20.22

Ross Hayward 20.27

Isabella Lopresti 20.57

Keiran Louttit 20.59

Steve Phipps 21.40

Amber Domeny 21.52

Julianne Domeny 21.55

Tiffany Johnston 22.20

Annie Johnsen 22.30

Erin Domeny 22.44

Kim Young 24.18

Mike Kennedy 24.41

Pamela Gannon 26.01

Nancy Costin 27.52

David McCann 28.54

Nathan Costin 27.52

Bart Gannon 32.22

Susan Pettit 33.00

Harper Lasscock 38.02

Max Richards 38.43

Marcus Richards 38.44

Cooper Lasscock 38.46

5 Kilometres

Rhys Flood 19.43

Scott Melgaard 20.28

Harrison Gilligan 20.46

Bede Webster 21.16

Anthony Miles 22.39

Dave Connaughton 24.13

Morgan Pettit 24.48

Louise Cox 25.02

Gary Ashton 25.52

Tim Devane 25.53

Nev Madden 26.40

Deb Connaughton 26.40

Taylah Connaughton 27.03

Vaughn Gilligan 28.10

Tracey Denning 29.03

Julie De Ernsted 33.25

Julian Antoniak 33.26

Rob Ryan 38.12

Richard Fisher 54.10

119 Starters

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