Grass is greener for Cass

An aged white mare called Cass has found greener pastures! Abandoned by her owners, Cass had lost a lot of weight and the future looked bleak. However she was rescued by our local horse rescue charity: Follyfoot Equine Rescue and Rehab.

After being wormed and her teeth done, Cass has been settled into a very grassy paddock in North Batemans Bay. The paddock was generously provided free of charge and is perfect to rehabilitate Cass.

As well as a very lush paddock, she is given extra feed each day. She is putting weight back on and is starting to look her old self again!

“Cass is quite an aged horse and has unfortunately a few cancerous lumps on her body, but very good-natured”, says Libby Buttress of Follyfoot.

“We usually try to rehome our horses to an adoptive family, but as Cass requires special care and feeding, it is unlikely that we will find a suitable home. Cass is not suitable for riding and could only be adopted as a companion horse.”

“The neighbours around the property in North Batemans Bay have been fantastic. There is always someone stopping by to offer her pieces of apple or a carrot and she loves all the attention.”

Cass can now look forward to her remaining days, being looked-after and well fed in Batemans Bay!

If you would like to help give Cass the VIP treatment as well as sponsor other rescues, please consider donating to Follyfoot. Their Facebook page is at:

Or email on:

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