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Know how it works before standing in 2020

The Beagle Editor,

Recently in The Beagle pages contributors to the many discussions have mentioned the 2020 Council elections being an opportunity to elect Councillors who have the ability to understand the local council system and genuinely promote the area's residents expectations with out bending to internal management influences. For that to occur: From the day the election is held and the 9 positions filled with the mayor chosen these newly elected councillors need to all work together for the whole community benefit. They need to immediately and collectively establish what they expect to achieve for the community they represent between being elected and the following election four years later. A genuine community influenced plan that improves standards for the all the Shire's residents needs to be developed, promoted and achieved. The biggest hurdle to overcome will be the budget and the delivery of the Operations and Management Plan put in place just months earlier by the previous council.

They may need to immediately resolve to amend the previous council’s endorsed plans. But whoever nominates and eventually gets elected needs to fully understand how the Local Government processes really work within the delegated authority of the State Government's controlling legislations.

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