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Chariots of Fire at Narooma Leisure Centre Sun 22nd at 10:30am

The Editor,

I was appalled by the spectacle of the brave Scots runner Callum Hawkins, lying on the pavement of the Sundale bridge with heatstroke whilst the field ran on. My mind went back to devout Christian and Scotsman Eric Liddell portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire stopping to pick up a fallen runner in a 400 metre lead up race then running on to win that race and ultimately the Gold medal at the Paris Olympics 1924 .

What about our own John Landy stopping to pick up a fallen runner- I think the fallen runner was Ron Clark later to become world distance record 10,000 metre world record holder and ironically Mayor of the Gold Coast City Council. Stopping didn't stop John landy later running on to be a world record holder, medallist at Melbourne's1956 Olympics and a true blue Aussie legend into the bargain!

I am so upset by the debasement of every sport and endeavour becoming just a commercial brand and media opportunity to be exploited but more so this leads onto our core beliefs ,spirit and society.

Eric Liddell went on to die of malnuitrition as a Christian Missionary in a Japanese internment camp in China giving up his turn for liberation to others he felt more in need.The great Australian athlete great and gracious Betty Cuthbert, gold medallist in two Olympic games followed her Christian beliefs as an MS sufferer and tireless helper to that cause.

To be truly a legend in life or sport there is a decision to be made-love your fellow human beings not the "gold" rewards it may bring real gold not -"fools gold"! Robert is a member of the of the Uniting Church Congregation Narooma . In that Private Capacity as he has organised to book the Narooma Leisure Centre opposite NATA oval from 10.30 AM until 12 noon on Sunday 22nd April to show a video recording of Chariots of Fire and invites you to join him and speak on the issue.

It is hoped a full screening of the film can be run at the Kinema by public support gathered at the meeting for a later date

Robert Dunn

South Narooma

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