Koori Kids Special Garden Program at Narooma High

Narooma High School's Special Education Teacher, Todd Helton, is hoping to raise the funds for his special program to enable Aboriginal kids to work towards establishing skills and values to successfully transition from school to the community and the workforce.

He has asked the charitable foundation, Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust, for assistance to raise the funds to establish a gardening based program to support students with mental health and behavioural challenges who are aged 15 to 17 years of age.

The first stage plan is to build an outdoor garden area adjacent to their classroom to provide opportunities to grow food including Indigenous bush tucker as they learn to maintain the gardens and plants while developing garden construction skills and learn horticultural and landscaping techniques. The gardens will provide students with an aesthetically pleasing and calming environment to access at times of anxiety and stress and allow opportunities to learn to work as leaders and team members. This program will promote the health benefits of fresh foods, outdoor recreation and activities to assist them to develop sound self regulation strategies.

But there’s a problem

Todd Helton needs help to fund this much needed program and without the assistance of community help these young people will miss out on an opportunity to grow beyond the limitations that they currently face in their lives and in their education.

In partnership with their teacher, Todd, Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust aimed to raise the funds for the first stage of this exciting project and reached their target in just two days with thanks to the many generous and wonderful people who contributed.

They have decided to extend this appeal so that they can now work towards enabling the second stage of this program to be realised as well.
The second stage will expand to a wider vision which includes a workshop area and water tank for rain collection. To be used to store tools and for bush furniture building and Indigenous artwork and sculptural pursuits.

They needed $1500 for the first stage to purchase:

  • 30m x 900mm ringlock fencing

  • 18 x 2.4m hardwood sleepers

  • 5 bags quick set concrete

  • 5 x 3 metre copper logs

  • 3 bails lucerne mulch

  • hoops and netting for 3 raised beds

  • grass seed

  • screws, tools and gloves

  • seasonal vegetable punnets for planting

  • 5 cubic metres garden soil

and now Todd can go ahead with the kids to get this program up and running.

The community is now invited to help raise additional funds towards the second stage?

You can donate on line HERE Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust was founded in 1983 as a philanthropic foundation working for human rights, social justice, the environment and to offer support, encouragement and hope for all people. We are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a tax exempt charity - ABN 27 003 317 619


Email: egstrust2@gmail.com Your donation is tax deductable

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