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THPA Meeting - Kyla Hall 2pm April 5th

TUROSS HEAD PROGRESS ASSOCIATION INC. DRAFT AGENDA FOR 5th APRIL 2018 MEETING to be held at Kyla Hall, Tuross Head 2pm GENERAL BUSINESS Kyla Park Cluster 4 Pty Ltd complaint against Secretary THPA The Chair, Kyla Park Cluster 4 Pty Ltd (Colin Smith) lodged a complaint by email on 25 Mar 18 demanding a written apology from Secretary THPA (John Tilbrook) concerning what he labelled defamatory and libellous remarks in the THPA email to the members of the Tuross Fishing Facilities Working Group (TFFWG). This Agenda item will afford the Kyla Park Cluster 4 Pty Ltd the opportunity to express their strongest support or otherwise to plans for a new boat launching ramp to access Tuross Lake? 2. Update on Concept & suitable location for a Heritage Park in Tuross Head. Gary Cooper advised the Meeting that no progress could be made with Council on the concept and location for a Heritage Park or expansion of the Tuross History signs, as Council has enunciated a new policy whereby all projects involving Heritage and History Signposting must first be considered and approved by a new Heritage Committee. The composition of this Committee has not yet been announced. 3. RMS Wollongong - Update on Highway “T” Intersection safety upgrade. John Tilbrook contacted RMS Wollongong (aka the RMS Program Delivery Officer -Clare Harris) on 18 Mar 18. She responded on 20 Mar 18 to advise the THPA that the Federal funding for completion of the “T” intersection safety upgrade had been approved, but was still awaiting the “timely release” of the pending Media announcement by the Minister for Roads (Melissa Pavey). 4. Upgrading of “Cycle/walk” missing link (dirt section Anderson Ave to Buchan Bridge). 5. Briefing on research findings on Un-marked Graves Site by Dr Carlene Winch. Only if She is in attendance as she has another commitment. Design & manufacture of new History Plaques This AGENDA item for three new history plaques for installation along the cycle/walk has been deferred at the previous 2018 THPA monthly meetings referring back to the explanations provided by Gary Cooper for Agenda item 2 and creation of a new Heritage Committee. The plaques to be manufactured are as follows:George Bass landing 1897.Un-marked Graves Site – 5 known graves, 1866, 1867 & 1891.The History & official opening of the Cycle/walk & Boardwalk. 6. THPA Petition to establish majority opinion of Tuross Residents concerning the preservation of self-sown Norfolk Pine trees sprouting along the foreshore of Hector McWilliam Park Secretary THPA was concerned about the gradual rate of loss of mature Norfolk Pines that were originally planted by Hector McWilliam post 1925 which are iconic to Tuross. At last count there were 240 authorised NI pines connected to Hector McWilliam plantings. A further 6 x Norfolk Pines have either died, were poisoned or cutdown with Council approval over the past 12 months (2 in Hector McWilliam Drive, 1 on Allenby Road, 1 in Nelson Parade and 2 along Tuross Boulevarde.) John Tilbrook asked the question whether we need a community survey to determine whether they are in favour of the Norfolk Island pines being better protected and preserved, or just allow the numbers of trees simple dwindle waste away. For example, persons unknown has been cutting down and eradicating any Norfolk Island Pine self-sown seedlings springing up along the seafront of Tuross Boulevarde between Plantation Point and Coila Beach. We need to canvass the community to ascertain whether a submission to Council is warranted to institute a policy for preserving the original NI Pines, their self-sown siblings left in situ or removed. There are a numbers of Tuross residents that are content for the Tuross population to wither as they are not a native species. Gary Cooper called for volunteers in the audience to undertake this census to gauge majority opinion for presentation to Council, but there were no takers at the Meeting interested in participating in this exercise. PROLOGUE – On 3 Apr 18 the Secretary of the Tuross Lakes Preservation Group has submitted the following positive contribution to the THPA debate on the balanced management of preservation of Norfolk Pines in Tuross Head into the future. We commend the THPA on initiating this discussion. The management of this species around Tuross Head can be conveniently considered under the following three categories: 1) The plantation at Tarandore Point, (Memorial Gardens). This plantation achieved Heritage status (unanimously approved by Council) on 12th December 2017). Heritage status imposes certain obligations to preserve and maintain this plantation into the future. 2) The distinctive streetscape plantings around the village. It is our understanding, subject to confirmation by the Council, that these Norfolk Island Pines will be maintained as part of the iconic streetscape in accordance with the original vision of Hector McWilliam, with due regard to safety considerations, overhead clearances, etc. This will entail replacing Norfolk Island Pine trees as they disappear due to natural causes or from deliberate interference. 7. Norfolk Island Pines within the foreshore reserve. The McWilliam Park Coastal Management Plan, adopted by Council on 23rd March 1999, comes closest to stating a clear policy on the matter, whereby: 9.3 Revegetation, states "that the use of endemic native species should be encouraged wherever possible", and "management [should] protect biodiversity, threatened, rare or endangered species". The recommendations at: 9.7, Norfolk Island Pines, have, arguably, been fulfilled with the granting of Heritage status to the plantations at Tarandore Point, (as at 1 above). In the absence of a clearer policy, the TLPG view is that Norfolk Island Pines should be controlled so that they do not become a dominant species in the habitat - that being the level at which they become detrimental to other native species (plant, animal, bird) whose continued existence (coexistence) depends upon us maintaining and nurturing the evolution of the restored natural communities now existing around Tuross Head. TLPG will be pleased to participate in and contribute to informed discussion directed to this outcome. Chris Jones,Secretary, Tuross Lakes Preservation Group 8. Concept – Tuross Head to pursue infrastructure to promote the town as a RV friendly destination. The RV Friendly Town concept was debated by the 1 Mar 18 meeting during Max Castle’s presentation concerning the future improvement of fishing facilities in the Shire, and the advent of Tuross Head as a RV Friendly destination to boost tourism & visitors out-of-season by attracting the “Grey Nomads”. Further debate is warranted to make a case to approach Council and allay concerns of the extant caravan park operations (now in the main holiday cabin accommodation or campsite providers). 9. Update on Draft Recreational Open Space Strategy (ROSS). 10. Update on removal of THCC & Motel signs from Golf Course. 11. Update on THPA submission to Council on possibly illegal two signs at Lavender Bay (No Camping or Overnight Stay & Dogs on leads Prohibited) 12. Disposal of demountable – three component Stage from Kyla Hall to Council depot storage? 13. Approval of expenditure for ANZAC Day Wreath & nominated THPA wreath layer (cost $40 for floral through THCC bulk order) THPA has advised Cathy Millikin, THCC, that the THPA wishes to lay a wreath on ANZAC Day. President Gary Cooper to lay the Wreath? John Tilbrook has placed the order for the $40 floral tribute with Greg Cowley. The 5 Apr 18 meeting needs to vote to approve the expenditure – and dispense with the THPA’s annual ANZAC Day $50 school book prize to a local school? 14. Update on Fishing Facilities for the Shire & New Boat Ramp. Max Castle a member of RFNSW advising the NSW Government, THFC Member & THOPA member and THFFWG Chair has had a great win in gaining a $500k NSW Government grant for the building of an offshore steel caged artificial reef to improve fishing stocks in the Batemans Marine Park. Max Castle and his close-knit team have been a great advocates for the Shire in promoting the need for NSW Government to invest in fishing facilities to promote tourism and employment along the coastline. -7- His recent meeting and discussions with the NSW Premier (Gladys Berejiklian), the State Member for Bega and Minister for Infrastructure (Minister Andrew Constance) and Cabinet staff seem to be quite encouraging in respect of the realisation of the long awaited new boat ramp launching facilities for Tuross head. Max Castle continues to work on the required research for this vital project and has offered to brief the THPA members on progress made at the 3 May 18 meeting? NEW GENERAL BUSINESS Kath Brownly from Australian Hearing Institute has request 10 mins to address the Meeting on Hearing Tests given our townships aging demographic.


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