Why are we wasting waste?

Apparently most people do not realise that all plastic waste can be easily returned to crude oil and fuels?

Councils collect huge amounts of wood waste that is virtually unwanted. Yes they can make mulch mountains out of it, but it is largely unwanted because the wood they mulch is contaminated with things like termites, small bits of plastic and other contamination. So those aware of this dont want it anywhere near their homes. So every year council gives it away for nothing, and will even load your trailer with the mulch for free.

Councils also have mountains of plastic which mostly gets buried. European countries stopped burying waste many decades ago when they realised this was poisoning their water tables, and the methane the waste makes as it breaks down is a greenhouse gas 30 times more powerful than CO2 (if you believe in that scare campaign?)

So the two wastes could easily be combined to make our own free fuel. The wood is burnt to heat the plastics in a giant pressure cooker, and distilled off back into fuels.

Wood waste can also be used to make our own local electricity, and even heat things like water in public pools (instead of spending hundreds of thousands on gas)

Councils and governments want to control all waste because it is a great source of revenue for them. But despite all their self promotion on recycling, they are actually not very interested in stopping waste being wasted. (As we have seen recently with waste being secretly transported to Queensland and buried, or material hidden in warehouses that was supposed to be getting recycled)

Councillors do theoretically have the power to allow private companies to use the waste, but the bureaucrats would of course fight hard to stop them.

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