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Tuross Head Progress Association Inc. Draft Minutes for 1 March 2018 meeting


The Chairman, Gary Cooper, presided and opened the meeting at 2.02 pm.


Gary Cooper THPA and Max Castle THFC & THPA met with the Mayor and Warren Sharpe on 26 Feb 18 to debate the concerns of the THFC & THPA about the inadequate boat ramp and Fishing facilities in Tuross Head. At that meeting Mayor Liz Innes thanked Gary Cooper for the invitation to speak at the 1 Feb 18 THPA meeting and expressed her desire to be afforded the opportunity to attend future THPA meetings on a quarterly basis. Therefore, the Mayor will next be invited to the 3 May 18 THPA monthly meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Monthly meeting held 1 Feb 18, Minutes of abridged meeting circulated on 15 Feb 18. Moved by Secretary THPA that the Minutes be accepted.

Seconded: Colin Smith. CARRIED

Business Arising FROM MINUTES

To be dealt with under General Business

Treasurers Report

The Treasurer, Joan Buchan, to provide the financial statement as at 1 Mar 18.

THPA General Account Balance: @ 1 Mar 18 = $6,024.26

Receipts: Subs = $30.00

Raffle donation = $46.00 + $76.00

Progressive Working Account Balance = $6,100.26


Reimbursement to Gary Cooper being 50% of cost of replacement of 2 x PA system speakers from Jaycar Fyshwick to replace the 2 x speakers stolen from Sandy Point in May 2016 prior to History signs unveiling = - $125.00

THPA General Account Working Balance @ 1 Mar 18 = $5,975.26

THPA Cycle/walk Accounts:

Cycleway Working A/c balance as at 1 Mar 18 = $2,867.98

Expenses: Paper bank statement @ $2.50 - $2.50

Receipts: Bank interest = Nil_____

Updated Cycle/walk as at 1 Mar 18 $2,865.48

Plus Term Deposit $20,000.00

Plus THPA General Account working Fund = $5,975.26

Total THPA Funds as at 1 Mar 18 …………………... $28,840.74

That the Report be accepted. Moved by the Treasurer

Seconded : John Byrne. CARRIED


There are currently 150 financial members, which included 5 new members that signed up since the last meeting on 1 Feb 18. The Secretary THPA urges members to canvass friends & acquaintances to join our growing community association for them to have their say about the future direction of the village and its facilities.


All correspondence was listed in detailed the draft Agenda (Inwards 10 x items and Outwards 20 x items). The secretary circulated a summary of this correspondence ahead of the 1 Mar 18 meeting. Moved by Secretary that the detailed report on correspondence be accepted. Seconded: Ian Bingham. CARRIED


Items 1, 2 and 3 related to fishing facilities in Tuross combined.

  1. THPA support for THFC bid for funding grants for Nelson Parade Boat Ramp and the new proposed Boat Ramp at Kyla Park in the Tuross Lake Broadwater.

  2. Upgrade of COILA Lake Boat Launching Pad & defined car/boat trailer parking zone.

  3. Prospect of funding for Fishing platform for Tuross Lake or Coila Lake.

Presentation by Max Castle – President, Tuross Head Fishing Club & THPA member. Max Castle provided comprehensive debriefing to the Meeting concerning the outcome of the meeting that he and Gary Cooper (President THPA) had with Mayor Liz Innes, General Manager (Dr Catherine Dale) and Warren Sharpe (Director Infrastructure Services) in the Council chambers on 26 Feb 18.

As background leading up to the conduct of this this long-awaited milestone meeting to table the concerns of the Tuross Head community over the present poor state of fishing facilities and boat launching ramp in the Village, and to make the case for a new boat ramp at Kyla Park, Max Castle tabled the following two documents which he painstakingly compiled.

With the permission of Max Castle, the Minutes of the 26 Feb 18 meeting have been incorporated into these Minutes below of these 1 Mar 18 THPA meeting minutes. A copy of the UOW Fishing Boating Data Research has been included as Attachment 1 to these minutes, and the Agenda for the 26 Feb meeting with Council on fishing facilities complied by Max Castle have been included as Attachment 2 to these Minutes.

Questions flowed from the floor and a lively debate followed chaired largely by Max Castle when it was learnt at that mayoral meeting that the Council had no intention of pursuing the planned option for a new boat launching ramp and facilities in Kyla Park.

For ease of reference the following is a summation of the 26 Feb 18 Meeting betweenTHPA and Council as delivered at the 1 Mar, and discussion touched on all of the following topics.

Tuross Head proposed new boatramp: Considerable time was spent discussing this topic. Warren Sharpe provided site plans of the proposed boat ramp area. He spoke about some of the site difficulties. Council has considered the project and are state that they are not keen to proceed. The site has considerable environmental issues, is likely to be unacceptable to close residents, the cost will be very significant, there will be a need for considerable infrastructure including a access road, services, parking, toilets, boat ramp and jetty/pontoon. A Marine Parks permit would be needed and approval could be difficult, costly and time consuming.

Warren Sharpe advised he is working on an extension to the existing boat ramp jetty. Gary Cooper advised complaints had been received from some business community members regarding the lack of boats visiting Tuross over the Christmas period. Some boats were leaving to other locations because of unsuitable launching facilities. Mayor Liz Innes advised she was willing to revisit Councils priorities and was concerned there were unhappy boater/fishers. One THPA member (Andrew Gordon) was of the understanding grant funding was available, but Warren Sharpe advised that this avenue of funding did not provide for maritime projects.

Mayor Innes advised that the decision to proceed with the sand removal at the existing Nelson Parade boat and the decision NOT to proceed with the proposed new ramp at Kyla Park was a Council decision and not a Warren Sharpe decision. Mr Sharpe advised that he is working on a proposal to increase the overflow car/trailer parking at the current Nelson Parade boat ramp. He proposes to increase the width of the lower road at Lavender Bay by using dredged sand removed from the toe of the existing boat ramp. Max Castle suggested a second option if Marine Parks objected - and that was to consider creating an overflow parking area to the east of the existing car park at Nelson Parade. Max Castle made the point that parking areas for fishers only needs to be grassed, not asphalt which adds to the expense of carparking areas.

Boating/Fishing Grants: Max Castle referred to the Economic Survey produced by the University of Wollongong (UOW) that provided the assessment of the annual spend by recreational fishers in NSW being $360 million. This expenditure is a very significant economic value to the South Coast and more support should be forth coming for recreational fishing.

An overview document was provided which indicated the very low number/value of boating/fishing infrastructure grants received by Council over a 5-year period covered by the UOW survey. This research indicated a significant financial gap between what is being provided in the way of infrastructure and the actual amount being spent in licences and fees by fishers/boaters in the Eurobodalla. After administrative and governance costs the policy of the NSW Government was to return 100% or the residual income back to the fishers by way of improved infrastructure – restocking etc.

Estimate annual local fishers/boaters fees paid to NSW State Govt over 5 years

= $3,805,300

Average Infrastructure Grant expenditure in Eurobodalla over 5 years

A mere = $288,000 or only 7.5% of licenses & fees paid in the Shire

Mayor Liz Innes and Dr Catherine Dale were surprised at the low figure. They agreed the Council would consider the document and provide a reply. Mayor Innes suggested that our State Member, Minister Andrew Constance, should be consulted on this gross imbalance issue. Dr Catherine Dale said the information provided by the UOW research into fund disbursement was a good advocacy document.

Warren Sharpe advised that over the last 10 years most facilities had been addressed. Max Castle advised this is contrary to the RMS comments in their last Boating Plan that there wer:. - relatively limited number of waterway access points. - Many locations would benefit from an upgrade. 60% of an online survey thought the access facilities were acceptable with 35% dissatisfied. - Infrastructure in some locations does not meet demand in peak periods and has insufficient trailer parking. - There was Strong support for a pump out service at Batemans Bay. It was agreed at this meeting that clarification from RMS was needed.

The Mayor proposed a working group should be formed with key members to review the position. Max Castle advised this was not only a Tuross issue but a Shire issue. Mayor Liz Innes and Warren Sharpe agreed that a strategic approach was needed.

Eurobodalla ROSS Strategy: Boating/Fishing infrastructure is not part of the strategy. Warren Sharpe advised a new toilet block will not be provided at the existing Nelson Parade boat ramp as there is an existing toilet block atop of the hill at Sandy Point.

Trout and Bass proposal

Stocking of local dams of fish stocks . The Council requested that copies of the correspondence from August 2107 and action would be taken to chase them up.

Tuross Head - Recreational Vehicle (RV) suggestion Council had considered this issue previously and was concerned there could be some kick back particularly from existing caravan park owners. It was acknowledged that existing parks seem to have limited space particularly to accommodate large RV’s.

More cabins seem to have been built leaving limited space for large RV vehicles. These days many RV’s are fully contained and there was a potential for an overnight donation system to be introduced as applies to other towns.

The Mayor mentioned a couple of other locations, Max Castle agreed suggesting there could be a number of locations in the Eurobodalla, including Tuross, as the only locations on the complete south coast were Bega and Cobargo. The Council will consider the suggestion and advice for making Tuross Head a RV Friendly Town. A firm site was not resolved, but Kyla Park was considered an option for further consideration if supported by Council/local Community.

OTHER GENERAL BUSINESS During the March THPA meeting Lei Parker and Denis Pilkington contributed to this discussion on the viability of caravan parks being able to operate successfully in concert with RV facilities in townships, especially outside of peak seasons, and cited his personal experience staying at the RV Park at Julia Creek in Queensland which has the strong support of their shire Council. Roles and responsibilities with Council organisation: Warren Sharpe (Director Infrastructure Services) is responsible for all marine infrastructure works.Lindsey Usher is responsible for planning, events, tourism,

  1. THPA Suggestion for naming of Kyla Picnic Reserve recognising the Aboriginal occupation of the Coila Lake foreshore.

The General, Dr Catherine Dale, advised John Tilbrook on 1 Mar 18 that the suggestion for the naming of the Kyla Picnic Reserve after the BRINJA YUIN People is still being considered by the Eurobodalla Aboriginal Advisory Committee (EAAC) chaired by Elder – Trish Ellis.The topic is listed on the EAAC Agenda for its next meeting in March and it is expected that the Aboriginal elders will put a suggested name or names for this Coila Lake foreshore picnic reserve to Council after wider consultation with the local Aboriginal communities.

2. Concept & suitable location for a Heritage Park in Tuross Head.

Gary Cooper advised the Meeting that no progress could be made with Council on the concept and location for a Heritage Park or expansion of the Tuross History signs, as Council has enunciated a new policy whereby all projects involving Heritage and History Signposting must first be considered and approved by a new Heritage Committee. The composition of this Committee has not yet been announced.

Gary Cooper went on to explain that this Heritage Committee has been established, among other responsibilities, to develop the policy for the control of display plaques. From the information given to him by Steve Halicki this Heritage Committee will provide the details of text, size and content that will be allowed for display within the Eurobodalla Shire.

That said Gary Cooper still does not know:

  • The identity of the members of the committee.

  • The content/details of their directive from the Council.

  • When they meet or where.

  • When they shall report their proposed rules for text and artwork/imagery for heritage signs to the Council.

Gary Cooper will be contacting Steve Halicki this week to try to get more information on this new Committee and how the THPA could have a meeting with them regarding the Heritage Park for Tuross and proposed additional Tuross History plaques (such as “Unmarked Gravesites”, George Bass landing and History of Cycle/walk & opening of Boardwalk.

Until we get some positive information from this new Heritage Committee when formed, it is a waste of effort writing anything that would be used for identifying something like the site of the buried bodies in Tuross or the material for the Heritage Park.

Gary Cooper advised that he has already submitted a scoping document on the Heritage Park to the Council in October last year as called for by Dr Catherine Dale. Gary Cooper has been trying to get comment from the Council with regard to this submission but no doubt this will form part of the melting pot of ideas put to the new Heritage Committee.

At this stage Council has stated until the Heritage Committee make their decision, and until these have been agreed with by the Council there will be zero movement on any proposed creation and installation of any plaques in the Shire. At that point Lei Parker intervened advised the Meeting that in direct contradiction to this stance – the Tomakin Progress Association has just unveiled a suite of history plaques around their township which it managed to accomplish under the Heritage Committee’s purview.

In summing up Gary Cooper stated that until we get the new rules from the Council, any development of any plaques is a waste of time as any plaque proposed for the Town requires Council approval! Accordingly, discussion on both the Heritage Park and the buried bodies was cut short.

3.RMS Update - Highway “T” Intersection road safety Upgrade.

John Tilbrook advised that on 26 Feb 18 the RMS Program Delivery Officer at RMS Wollongong (Clare Harris) advised the THPA that the Federal funding for completion of the “T” intersection safety upgrade had now been transferred to RMS, and that a Media announcement was being prepared for the Minister for Roads, as the Media statement is going to address a number of roa project approval announcements.

4.Upgrading of “Cycle/walk” missing link (dirt section Anderson Ave to Buchan Bridge).

Insufficient time was allotted for this Agenda item, except to say there has been no feedback yet from the Mayor who questioned over this ridiculous stance BY Council not to upgrade this section of pathway to connect the west and eastern sides of the township to allow safe access to the towns facilities and to the sporting facilities at Kyla Park. This was debated at the 1 Feb 18 THPA meeting attended by Mayor Liz Innes, whereby both the Mayor and General Manager Dr Catherine Dale were made well aware of this situation which is the biggest thorn in the side of our Community, as this cycleway is the only safe route for pedestrians, cyclist and mobility scooters. If we must await the developers to complete this missing link when constructing their planned sub-division infrastructure, then we will be waiting another 20 years.

The Mayor was told by John Tilbrook at the 1 Feb 18 meeting that the THPA is willing to contribute funds to a joint Council/community partnership to construct this final section of shared pathway, and introduce the volunteer workforce to reduce overall construction costs?

6.Rainwater tank for Kyla Hall – Storage of dedicated water supply for firefighting purposes.

After 12 months of debate between the Tuross RFS, THPA and Council – this topic is dead and buried. Council staff has assessed the fire risk at Kyla Park as “low risk” and therefore rainwater storage tanks at Kyla Hall is not warranted. Better use could be made of KHMC funds derived from hall hire fees, such as improving facilities – such as a dish washer. Fire Control HQ at Moruya did not support the Tuross Head RFS suggestion for the Council to consider the installation of a water tank given that the nearest fire hydrant is 330 meters away in Lake Street.

7.Briefing on research finding – Un marked Graves Site - by Dr Carlene Winch.

This AGENDA item was suspended based upon Gary Cooper’s explanation and summation concerning the new controls being imposed by Council on historic signage erected in the Shire oversighted by a new Heritage Committee which will consider submissions, set standards and make recommendation to Council. See Agenda item 5 above.

8. Design & manufacture of new History Plaques

This AGENDA items was deferred until future notice referring back to the explanations provided by Gary Cooper for Agenda item 5 and creation of a new Heritage Committee.

  1. George Bass landing 1897.

  2. Un-marked Graves Site – 5 known graves, 1866, 1867 & 1891.

  3. The History & official opening of the Cycle/walk & Boardwalk.

9. THPA Petition to establish majority opinion of Tuross Residents concerning the preservation of self-sown Norfolk Pine trees sprouting along the foreshore of Hector McWilliam Park

Secretary THPA was concerned about the gradual rate of loss of mature Norfolk Pines that were originally planted by Hector McWilliam post 1925 which are iconic to Tuross. At last count there were 240 authorised NI pines connected to Hector McWilliam plantings. A further 6 x Norfolk Pines have either died, were poisoned or cutdown with Council approval over the past 12 months (2 in Hector McWilliam Drive, 1 on Allenby Road, 1 in Nelson Parade and 2 along Tuross Boulevarde.)

John Tilbrook asked the question whether we need a community survey to determine whether they are in favour of the Norfolk Island pines being better protected and preserved, or just allow the numbers of trees simple dwindle waste away. For example, persons unknown has been cutting down and eradicating any Norfolk Island Pine self-sown seedlings springing up along the seafront of Tuross Boulevarde between Plantation Point and Coila Beach. We need to canvass the community to ascertain whether a submission to Council is warranted to institute a policy for preserving the original NI Pines, their self-sown siblings left in situ or removed.

There are a numbers of Tuross residents that are content for the Tuross population to wither as they are not a native species. Gary Cooper called for volunteers in the audience to undertake this census to gauge majority opinion for presentation to Council, but there were no takers interested in participating in this exercise.

10. Further CSR to Council – Repair to Road Surface at the end of Lake Street. CSR action by Council now outstanding more than 12 months.

In response to this CSR Tony Swallow has now advised John Tilbrook that the pot hole in the road surface at the end of Lake Street has been listed for “Heavy Patching” when funds are available. The pothole may be unsightly but does not pose a danger to the public or road users. The Council has an annual budget for asphalt resurfacing which is under financial pressure, and where there are funds left over at the end of the FY work crews are engaged on “heavy patching” tasks. Lake Street is one of many such outstanding repair tasks.

New CSR submitted – Need to repair new Sports Amenities Block at Kyla Oval to remove pre-existing dry rot evident in the Eastern end Gable and the supporting roof battens.

Secretary THPA has submitted CSR which has been acknowledged by Council which is going to investigate what repairs are warranted.

Concept – Tuross Head to pursue infrastructure to promote the town as a RV friendly destination.

The RV Friendly Town concept was debated by the meeting during Max Castle’s presentation (see Page 5 of these minutes)

Update on report to Council of suspected poisoning of Norfolk Pine Tree opposite 125 Tuross Boulevarde.

This Agenda items ties in with Item 11 above. Council rangers have investigated, and though there are suspicions, no direct evidence of poisoning could be gathered. The Council is going to institute a fertilising program for the Norfolk Island pines along Tuross Boulevarde to try and nurse some of the distressed tree back to better health?

Update on Draft Recreational Open Space Strategy (ROSS).

Lei Parker attended the Council meeting on 21 Feb 18 to make representation concerning the tabling of the Report presented to Council on the draft ROSS. The THPA made submissions to this draft ROSS in September 2017. Lei Parker outlined the plan for Tuross Head summarised below.

Evans Park.

The Evans Park Playground Equipment to be replaced, and being upgraded to a Regional playground, currently it is classified as District playground.

The upgrade of Evans Park when conducted will see the installation of further covered BBQ’s and additional covered seating. It will include a skating element and car park.

Due to time constraints AS 1 FEB 18 MEETING it was decided that All Listed agenda items below be deferred for debate at the 5 APRIL 2018 MEETING

1. Update on removal of THCC & Motel signs from Golf Course.

2. Update on THPA submission to Council on possibly illegal two signs at Lavender Bay (No Camping or Overnight Stay & Dogs on leads Prohibited)

3. Public complaint – riding of bicycles on the pathway to One Tree Viewing platform, the path is too narrow for a mix of pedestrians, dog walkers and bicycles, with one incident of collision.

4. Disposal of demountable – three component Stage from Kyla Hall to Council depot storage?

5. New draft Code for Council Meetings – Media release dated 27 Feb 18 released by Mayor Liz Innes.

ANZAC Day Wreath & nominated wreath layer (cost $40 for floral through THCC bulk order)

THPA has advised Cathy Millikin, THCC, that the THPA wishes to lay a wreath on ANZAC Day. John Tilbrook has placed the order for the $40 floral tribute with Greg Cowley. The 5 Apr 18 meeting needs to vote to approve the expenditure – and dispense with the THPA’s annual ANZAC Day $50 school book prize to a local school?


Door prize raffle drawn by Dee Meek. Raffle won by Denis Pilkington.

Raffle raised $28 towards Kyla Hall hire fees for THPA meetings.

The 1 Mar 18 THPA Meeting was Closed at 3.10 pm.

The next THPA meeting will be convened on 5 Apr 18.

John Tilbrook

Secretary THPA

8 March 2018 ATTACHMENT 2 to THPA Minutes of 1 Mar 18 Meeting MEETING AGENDA COMPILED BY MAX CASTLE Meeting: Eurobodalla Shire Council and Tuross Head Progress Association (THPA) Date: 26th Feb 2018 Location: Council Office Moruya Time: 12.30pm THPA: Gary Cooper (Pres.) and Max Castle Agenda: Tuross Head new boating ramp/facilities - Identifying if there is a short/long way forward. (This issue was recently discussed at the last THPA meeting resulting in significant interest and disappointment) Boating/Fishing Grants – Linked to the above but covers the entire Shire. (Raised at the last THPA meeting) ROSS Strategy – marine facilities not included – separate document? (Raised at the last THPA meeting, Council to check and provide update) Trout: Utilisation of existing infrastructure (swimming pool - letter 22nd August 2017) – Update on progress would be appreciated. Local Dam: Bass stocking – Risk Assessment? (Letter 27th August 2017) – As above. Fisheries seeking update and are willing to proceed with Risk Management Strategy. Tuross Head: – RV friendly village – Would council support such a proposal if it had large community Clarification on new roles and responsibilities within Council? (Infrastructure/Marine/Fishing Tourism) General Business: Time expired – Mayor &n Council staff departed.


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