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The buzz

Dear Beagle Editor, The buzz around Batemans Bay is louder than a dunny full for flys. And what smells is the revelation last night at the town chamber meeting that the RTA could acquire the Batemans Bay Bowling Club site if they wanted to. This reveals once again that our council is under the thumb of the State Government every time and have no authority at all. Look at Surfside for another classic example of State Government in charge. Then shopping this afternoon I hear is that the General Manager of Council is saying that they don't have any future need for the Club land and plan to sell it anyway after they rent it to the RTA for a few years because the idea they had of buying it and getting a developer to build on it flopped because no one was interested. Wonder why? “Hey developer. We’ve got a block of land and we’ll let you spend millions to develop it but we will control what you put on it and we want our own stuff as well like a bus station and visitor centre and we won’t put any money in and we want you to lease it and if you decide to sell we still own the land.” And they called that a strategic purchase. Ha. They paid $2.7 million and it was only valued at $1.2 to $1.5m. How strategic is that? That in itself is enough to attract the blowflies.Why did they spend so much? And why did two councillors say after they bought the land that "they had no choice"? More flies. The very first flies came on the scene well before the last election when the local wannabees all began spruiking and promising about what they were going to do when they got in. The more they spruiked the thicker the mob of flies that sat on their backs. A few of those flies have given up the ghost after they became stuck to the tacky-paper of DoubleSpeak. Others have been knocked down by Obfuscation. Recently Council have tried to swat them with NewPolicy but that has failed dismally. Try as they might, whereever they go, the smell and the flies follows them. Every time the Bowlo or Mackay Park comes up, like a rhino the council returns to the same dung heap and lays down a new deposits. Over time their little pile has become a very big and very obvious pile. And it is getting pretty stinky. It is small wonder that even the mention of the Batemans Bay Bowling Club site and Mackay park sees a swarm of flies lift in readiness what will inevitably come - more poop. Disgusted? We are too. Name and address supplied


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