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Watching the Live Streaming archives in slow-mo - Councilors slips are beginning to show

Dear Beagle Editor,

Given that I have only just had the opportunity to watch Councils Live Streaming of Tuesday 27th February Councils Meeting I am so pleased to have seen the large amount of speakers and attendees at this meeting it would be great to have this interest at all council meetings.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank those Councilors who voted to give Owen Cartledge who presented my statement in the Council meeting the further 3 minutes for Owen to finish my statement.

It is widely known that there is a councilor who has labeled certain people within our community "as the usual suspect', my observations from this Council meetings are as follows, I have now come to the conclusion that we have appropriately called "the usual suspect councilors" that will not vote for a extension of the 3 minutes to those speakers who they (the usual suspect councilor) do not want that person to be heard.

I again note that we still have those usual suspect councilors (and you all know who I mean) who play with their devices under the table not realizing they are in full view of the live streaming cameras. We also have those usual suspect councilors who when it comes to the vote for the extension of time for the 3 minutes lower their eyes and heads perhaps they are praying that the camera may not pick up of the fact that they do not put their hands up for the 3 minute extension.

At this point in time I do congratulate Cr. Jack Tait (despite what appeared to may have been slight persuasion by Mr Lei Parker) to vote for Mr Parker to have an addition 3 minutes and I give full credit to the Mayor who acknowledged she had the casting vote as it appeared at one point there was Brown, Thomson, Pollock against this extension and if Jack Tait had been a "nay sayer" there would have been 4/4, what is wrong with Brown, Thomson and Pollock are they just so disinterested in what speakers have to to say or is it that they are just so against those particular speakers?

Above: Councillor Jack Tait proved he was his own man Well done Jack.

I must admit I am extremely disappointed in our James Thompson I would have hoped he would have been a much "fairer councilor" maybe it is just early days, BUT to ALL Councilors take note we are nearing the half way point to the next 2020 Council Election.

I will be very interested in the reply I receive from my statement presented in Council and I will wait with interest the next step of this Recreation and Open Space Strategy (ROSS) report.

Cheers Trish Hellier

For and on behalf of Save Albert Ryan group and

Eurobodalla Concerned Citizen Group