Supporting the promises of the previous and present mayor

The Editor

Council in an attempt to deal with the criticism about the Batemans Bay MacKay Park , Swimming Pool promises and the Acquisition of the Bowling Club Site for the residents benefit held Kiosks in the Batemans Bay Village Centre, so interested people could have a discussion about the present ideas for a new pool. Several comments have appeared on the Beagle Blogs about Kiosk visits. I visited the “Kiosk” on the Saturday Morning. Two council staff were there, the General Manager and Clr Tait who was in discussion with a local. I had a discussion with Council Staff about the pool business, and with Clr Tait. There was no animosity toward myself by any of them. They listened to what what I had to say and responded politely, all of them that is. What we talked about was put in writing and emailed to all councillors, the General Manager and Mayor. Some have responded. Some haven’t. The comments, my opinions, were reproduced in the local media sources. The problems that are arising stem from Councillors promises that should never have been made. In the end it seems the other councillors are supporting the promises of the previous and present mayor, stupidly!

Allan Brown