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Where are the apologies

Dear Beagle Editor, Before we all "move forward" this council has to do a few things. At the very least it should apologise for: Failing to properly engage with the community about the 50m pool Failing to explain to the community why it spent $1.2m more than the valuation to buy the Batemans Bay Bowling Club site for $2.73m For covering up motion to buy the site by secretly hiding it the minutes on the very last page without any description except "Property Matter" For conspiring to sell Albert Ryan Park and decommission the toilet block without any consultation only to be exposed when they discovered they didn't own the land. Where is the general managers apology for misleading the councillors about how it deals with confidential matters, specifically the Personal Matters around her job review and reappointment. Where is the apology from staff to the Narooma community when it was revealed they planned to sell off Walker Park that was owned by the community - in the end, after a very public backlash, Council said it was a "mistake". Where are the apologies around all the occaisions where senior staff have been caught out lying with recent examples of claiming Commercial In Confidence to block the release of documents that are in the public interest when clearly they are NOT. This Council has a long track record of stuffing up and an even longer record of never saying sorry. It is all just ratepayers money to them that continues to feed their fat wallets on pay day and as one councillor said "it's all water off a ducks back" when they get caught out because "they are the only show in town" and "we can do as we please". Well it looks like you can't Council and you are now being found out and called out by a community that just doesn't trust you as far as they can kick you. If this council isn't aware already it is openly laughed at, there is very little respect for it by the business community and even less respect for it by those in the building community. There is the Local Government Act and the policies, and then sitting on top of all that there is the ego and all the other interpretations, overlays and knowit-alls added by the staff that the community is sick of. Before we can move ahead there is still much bad blood from the way Council have treated the community with their cock-sure, holier than thou, do as we like, $#@$ you community attitudes with senior staff saying "tell them nothing" and forcing councillors to keep quiet and to keep secrets. It is all coming to a head like a boil and the community is getting closer to lancing it. It might be an idea for Council senior staff and councillors to begin practicing the words "I'm Sorry" with some sincerity. Names and address supplied and not revealed (Reason given: Council also has a long record of being vindictive to those who question them. Don't publish our names)