Deceptive NSW Health and Sham Survey

Deceptive NSW Health and Sham Survey - Bega For the recent sham water fluoridation "survey" in Bega Shire, NSW Health employed and instructed an allied research organisation to produce a desired "result". NSW Health and Hunter H2O have, from the outset of a so-called Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) "consultative process", sought to enforce water fluoridation despite majority opposition. Their objective is to silence dissent and manufacture consent by appearing to "consult". Now come shocking revelations of possible deception by senior NSW Health bureaucrats intimately involved in closed-door fluoride briefings with Council. Were contradictory conclusions from a published scientific paper, stating unequivocally that fluoride does NOT assist dental health, deliberately witheld during crucial Council deliberations? An attached statement has been issued today by leading fluoride researcher, Dr Geoff Pain, that demands further investigation (see below). The sham NSW Health "survey" fails on every procedural measure of sound survey methodology, whether it be representative population sampling, cross-referenced-unbiased-multiple-question structure, survey database validity, accuracy of phone polling, and whether survey respondents received all relevant public health information in an unbiased manner. As far as our community is aware not one person from the Bermagui area has come forward to say they've been phoned for this "survey". Statistical probability suggests that, if such a survey were randomly representative, shire-wide and conducted rigorously, a fair number of residents from this area should have been contacted. This is disturbing and reprehensible. The fluoride waste industry lobby have been feverishly busy, as they fear more than anything else, individual communities democratically voting to ban water fluoridation. Banning fluoride sets a dangerous precedent that cannot be tolerated, as it undermines profits and ease of industrial waste disposal. Ironic and tragic that Australian rate-payers are being charged for waste to poison humans and destroy precious environments. Why doesn't BVSC simply send out audited water fluoridation voting papers with rates' notices so that all of our shire has a say? Why is Council not following due process? Could it be that if BVSC were to conduct an auditable shire-wide poll it might result in a clear majority opposing, indicating to Council that established water fluoridation equipment must be removed as part of a total shire-wide ban. If Council pushes through with further water fluoridation, as seems likely, there will be massive rate-payer and voter backlash. Rob Slazenger BERMAGUI For release to media - authorised by G.Pain, Melbourne. DATE: 14 February 2018 ********************************************************** Statement by Dr Geoff Pain, former member of the Market Research Society Australia and owner of a market research company. ********************************************************** The recent telephone survey conducted on behalf of NSW Health in collusion with the CEO of the Bega Valley Shire Council is a sham and one of the worst cases of push polling I have ever witnessed. NSW Health personnel who gave a closed briefing to the Council included Mr John Skinner MPH, Centre for Oral Health Strategy, New South Wales Ministry of Health, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Mr Skinner has published conclusive proof that water Fluoridation does not reduce dental caries incidence. See his paper here: Co-authors include Shanti Sivaneswaran, a member of the Fluoridation Committee of NSW, who uses in her promotion of fluoridation photos of "baby bottle" decay of the upper teeth only caused by prolonged exposure to sugars. Their study of three towns on the coast of NSW showed fluoridated people had worse dental health than non-fluoridated communities. Their survey concluded "Gender, water fluoridation, Aboriginal status and parental education were not significant predictors of caries experience". They said "The finding that water fluoridation was not significantly associated with caries was unexpected". For Mr Skinner to commission a telephone push poll without informing Bega Valley Shire Council and participants of the results of his own research is intellectually and morally bankrupt. The market research company who organized the actual poll must have used some strange database of telephone numbers, not generally available to the public as it contained a large proportion of mobile numbers. No ethical market research operation would have agreed to open discussion with targets by implanting a demonstrably false idea and then ask for demographic data afterwards. The people who should have been surveyed are the entire voting age population of the Shire and this should be done at the next Council election with equal funding for the No case, and full disclosure of all facts held by NSW Health. The telephone survey should be thrown into the bin. Geoff Pain

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