SHASA's Solar Bulk Buy – still strong in 2018

The South Coast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHASA) is pleased to announce that it has renewed its partnership arrangement for 2018 with local CEC accredited Master Installer Micro Energy Systems Australia [MESA] of Bodalla.

MESA [a local electrical contractor specialising in Solar] came on board with the initial bulk buy in 2016, installing majority of the 50 systems across the Eurobodalla region resulting in 205kW of solar panels and 25kWh of batteries.

SHASA & MESA then partnered for Solar Bulk Buy 2 which saw more than 30 additional systems installed on residential and commercial properties from August to December of 2017

As MESA both sell and Install direct, they can offer even more competitive pricing than the initial bulk buy round and 2018 is no exception with some great deals in store for Solar Bulk Buy 3!

MESA continue to use quality systems and Aussie made panels, ensuring equipment is supplied from local business and distribution networks so that warranties remain accessible. They also support and continue to develop a local employment workforce in the area.

The significant investment in a Solar system deserves a detailed and informed quote. MESA carry out a Site Inspection of each property to determine ‘best fit’ for your household or business needs, based on Install environment and current/anticipated power requirements. Under the bulk buy arrangement, the $65 fee charged for this site Inspection / consultation is refunded if customers proceed with the Installation.

Systems purchased through the Bulk buy also see a small contribution from each installation donated to SHASA to assist with projects in the Eurobodalla community, with the added bonus of a year’s free membership to SHASA so you can stay in touch with how your $’s are helping to increase Renewable Energy and reduce Eurobodalla’s reliance on coal power.

For more details please contact Kathryn Maxwell, Chair SHASA 0467 558 645 or Lisa from MESA on 0410 790 616.

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