Animal Welfare League news

We are often asked how we can bear to be carers. To take an animal in to our homes, love it, train it, look after it and then watch it leave and go off with another family without a backward glance.

To be honest, I have failed a couple of times and four years on am still exceptionally happy that I did. However, there have been many other dogs that I have cared for that I have loved but it has just been right, and a wonderful experience, to watch them leave and go to a new and happy life with a good chance of a “happy ever after” with the right family.

The Animal Welfare League provides the food, bedding and crates and cages and an enormous amount of support for our carers. Sometimes the animals will be with you for a day or two, other times they can be with you for a couple of months. Either way, it is a wonderful thing to do, to give an unwanted animal another chance.

Due to lack of carers for medium and large dogs, we have no dogs for adoption at present. However, we do have several mature cats who have been waiting for a home for far too long and some lovely, young and entertaining kittens. If you would like to adopt or would consider caring for an animal, please phone our Liaison Officer on 0410 016 612. All animals available for adoption have been vet checked, de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed.

Above: Meet Martha - she is hoping for a home