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Happy vibes again at Broulee sandcastles competition

The turnout at the 17th New Years Eve Sandcastle competition at North Broulee Beach was “extraordinary and the happy vibe infectious" according to Deb Waser who organized the event for the Broulee Mossy Point Community Association. There were 97 entries with nearly 500 competitors and some 3000 on the beach enjoying the afternoon’s festivities.

Broulee Surf School and Total Eco Adventures were the proud and generous presenters of the event, which had additional generous support from Mogo Zoo, Single Fin Canteen & Goods, Broulee Offshore Surf Shop, Milstons Past & Present of Mogo, In & Out at Mogo/Mogo Village Centre and Fudge Shop, Broulee Beach Pharmacy, Broulee Surfers & Surf Life Saving Club.

The organizers went with the theme of 'local artists and local legends' for judges, who were Greg (Red Kombi) and Anna (Single Fin), Dawn Ingles and her daughter Jenny, and Chris (Purushka) and Pauline Hicks. All judges did a brilliant job judging some very stiff competition.

Competitors came from far and wide - Germany, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Cairns and many country NSW towns represented - not to mention a huge local contingent.

Final placings were:


!st - “Jungle” by Jungle Girls from Broulee - Amber & Erin Domeny and Sky Wildman

2nd - “Turtle” by 3 Sisters from Melbourne - Ciara, Niamh & Aislinn Scahil

3rd - “Stingray” by Beach Babes from Canberra - Isabelle Lirtar, Siena Russel and Matt Pepper

Open Sandcastles

1st - Team WA from WA/Canberra - Patrick O’Keefe, Jenna Browne, Jack Matthews, Fleur Greaney

2nd - Soloman’s Sand Warriors from Canberra - Abott & Krugman families

3rd - Emily, Rachel & Co from Tomakin

Open Sand Sculptures

1st - “Whale” by Johnstone Family of Sydney

2nd – Shark attacking boat by Canberra’s Greg & Cameron Hewitson, and Zara Hungerford

$500 was raised at the event for projects by the Broulee Mossy Point Community Association

All photos below courtesy of John Hicks

Above: An androgynous rocket cum crayfish (depending which side you looked at it) by Sean and Louise Jones of Jerrabomba

Above: The Campbell and Jackson families of Tomakin contributed more than a little youthful exuberance

Above: Amber and Erin Domeny of Broulee hard at play

Above: Aislinn Scahill of Melbourne in her second time at the sandcastle competition

Above: Local artists Chris (Purushka) Green and Greg (Red Kombi) McKay were judges along with Pauline Hicks

Above: Second place in the open sculpture went to Canberra’s Greg & Cameron Hewitson, and Zara Hungerford who barely survived a savage shark attack

Above: Amber Johnston looked suitable stoked by her family’s winning entry in the open sculpture with a whale erupting from the sand

Above: An elephant emerged through the efforts of Broulee’s Emma, Sharee & Kim Jackson & Canberra’s Emma Moore

Above: The Shanahan family of Mossy Point had their rocket running at a disturbingly low trajectory

Above: Unfortunately a crocodile ate one of the contestants. Robert Kennedy of Melbourne survived

Above: An unlikely mob of mermaids emerged with Gypsy, Chaska, Harry and Rose Waterson of Surfside

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