Christmas Wishes from Trish Hellier

Dear Beagle Editor,

I would like to wish you and your readers a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Healthy 2018.

As I was unable to attend Tuesdays Council meeting I did endeavour to Live Stream the meeting as I have always been interested in listening to those who speak in Public Forum. This meeting commenced with Mr Owen Cartledge, I have found Owen to be a very knowledgeable and a level headed man in his presentations at Council meetings.

At this point in time I owe Owen and the other speakers an apology as very early into Owen's presentation I became distracted by the movement and obvious disinterest by certain Councilors and especially one Councilor Lindsay Brown. From the beginning of Owen's presentation and even prior to that when the Mayor was doing the introductions to the meeting it was quite obvious that Lindsay Brown had a mobile device in his hands he was either reading or perhaps even texting from the device. When there was mention of the previous Mayor and the purchase of the Bowling Club in 2016 Lindsay Brown appeared to become irritated, at one stage he put the device down, made some movements in his chair, rustled some papers around, sat back for a second then flicked through his Ipad then again he picked the mobile device up again.

As are regular attendee at Council meeting I have always watched the body language of the Councilors even though some can only be seen by a side view from the Gallery, the Live Streaming gives a very clear viewing of those Councilors who appear to be genuinely interested into what the speakers have to say. Lindsay Brown was giving clear signals to the main table by the movement of his hands that he believed some were "getting off the subject" these gesture he made to the GM.

I am pleased to see Maureen Searson's presentation on the Beagle as I fully intended on going back to the Live Streaming this weekend to fully listen to the other speakers. Of interest in viewing the live streaming of Ms Searson's presentation is that the mayor is seen writing a note (timestamp 12:58) and then drawing the General Manager into conversation until time stamp 14:08 (Ms Searson spoke from11:40 to 14:24 - in all 2 minutes and 40 seconds - of which the Mayor ignored her for over a minute). Did the Mayor ask any questions for her note she was so concerned about as to engage the General Manager. NO. The note appears to have no context to the presentation at all. This is another example of the lack of Council engagement and respect of the community at its best.

In relation to Peter Coggan's presentation this is the first time I have heard Peter speak in a Council meeting even though he was quite entertaining a few months ago when he attended a meeting and not being familiar to the meeting procedures he quickly announced to the Gallery when the Mayor went to call for the first speaker he stood up and said he would like to speak, the Mayor was very quick to explain the "protocol of meetings". Peter then gave the gallery a bit of a laugh when his mobile phone kept ringing much to the irritation of the "old timer" Rob Pollock who obvious becomes very irritated at the sound of a mobile ringing.

I will be interested in listening to Coral Anderson's presentation, when able, as I know Coral would have researched it thoroughly, she has the knowledge and would be able to turn it inside out, turn it side way, turn it upside down, then she would have put it through her sifter (I can assure you no offence intended in those words).

I have not come out and taken a stand over this Bowling Club/Pool/ McKay park issue even though I supported the purchase of the Bowling Club site (I never support the price that was paid) I always said that I believed if Council handled this correctly this could be a wonderful opportunity for the Eurobodalla Community being a Multi Purpose Center. I had attended a number of the meeting to try and gain a cross view of what the community was seeking.

There is various "tables of knowledge" within the Eurobodalla Shire - one view from "one of the wise men" from one table is why should Batemans Bay lose their current 50 meter pool, why not just put a roof over this complex" OR has anyone explored the idea of picking a halfway point in this shire (which would probably be around the Moruya area) close ALL the pools including Narooma (WOW I won't be popular putting that into print) Moruya and Batemans Bay Pool, have one big complex that caters for ALL. NOW isn't it about time that this "them and us attitude" that is very noticeable in this shire from far north to far south of the shire try uniting together that way we don't have to keep hearing that the Narooma Pool cost X The Moruya Pool cost X and the Batemans Bay Pool cost X - and the attendees are X-X-X and as one of the "wise men" said to me "we all know what can be done with figures.


NOW back to our Councilors far be it for me to have to remind you BUT it is ALL of our rate paying $'s that contribute toward your allowances, your phones, your travel etc., you are being paid to sit there and listen and I mean truly listen to those who take their time to present in Public Forum or Public Access those presenters don't get paid to travel to Moruya, we are not being paid for "our time" that we put into researching and preparing our presentations and do you realise how distracting it is when you are presenting and it is quite obvious that you are not being listened to, you are made to feel you are being a "nuisance" and that one councilors chair is being rolled around so that councilor can whisper in another councilors ear, or the General Manager if whispering in the Mayor's ear or talking around the Mayor to Anthony O'Reilly - SO WHAT if a presenter wanders off the subject - it's not going to cause WW3.

To finish I have been contacted by a number of Rural Land owners who like me are shocked to know that Lindsay Brown has a "title" that apparently sees him a "OUR" Rural Lands representative. Certainly no Rural Land holders that I know endorsed or supported this we were not consulted and as someone had said in one of the comments the only community Rural Lands meeting that Lindsay Brown attended he left just after it commenced when things started to get heated so who did originally endorse this position?

Safe and Healthy 2018 Cheers Trish Hellier

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