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Editorial Dec 15th, 2017

Welcome to this week’s editorial, Just 10 days til Christmas. It is always interesting to ask folks what their idea of Christmas is. Little ones are predictable with Santa, presents, more presents and the prospect of having parents try to entertain them everyday with something new and fresh without even thinking twice of the financial or emotional burden they create. The older ones also want presents however they look forward to not being at school, of the socialising and of the opportunities to explore first loves, first kisses and first forays into liquor and mischief if they can get their hands on it. Youth are a mixed bag. Some want to go to the beach, others to just hang out, many to veg on a couch with a variety of screens at hand. For many summer holidays are a week too long. But for many on the coast Christmas is the time of year that sees increased numbers to the region. For those unemployed or underemployed this is a good thing as it brings an opportunity to gather some money, to pay off bills and to hopefully squirrel some away to cover the bills that lay ahead. Many bemoan the traffic, the queues, the lag time in internet speed, the effect on mobile phone access, the fact that you can’t park outside the shop you want to go to—however for our local businesses, many and most are reliant on this peak period and have little time to scratch themselves. And then there are those who fall through the net. For them there is no work, no family or friends coming to stay, no work parties to attend, no need to put up decorations, no ho-ho-ho, no presents and no Christmas cards. For these folk, and there are many, Christmas is pretty shitty as is new Years Eve. For them it is a time when many feel the loneliest of the whole year. Fortunately there are folks in the community who “give up” their Christmas Day and put something on for the good folk who might otherwise have nothing to celebrate beyond their own company and an endless re-run of Biblical movies on TV (most often featuring Charlton Heston) There is a Community Christmas Day Lunch Red Door Hall

next to St. Johns Church on the corner of Page & Campbell St Moruya where

Lunch is free, all are welcome and there are small gifts for all. There is a need for drivers to pick up and return patrons who may be isolated and wanting to attend. If you can help with transport please call Linda on 4474 0300 .

Another way to help is with donations that can be left at the Horizon Wishing Tree located in their window in Vulcan Street Moruya. What ever you can spare - gifts suitable for men, women and children (all ages), food perishable and non perishable would also be very welcomed.

For me Christmas is a time to tell my European and North American friends how lovely the weather is. It is a time to indulge in cherrys and mangos, peaches and plums. There are the Coila prawns to enjoy, the summer snoozes under the fan and the parade of friends who have somehow remembered that you live by the sea. Until next, lei

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