50m pool and 800 seat auditorium - yeah, dreamin

The Beagle Editor

With the leaks coming out of the Moruya Bunker it’s becoming very clear if a new swimming pool is eventually provided in Batemans Bay it will be a 25m pool, no more.

Those assessing the grant application, as submitted, seem to be agreeing with what’s been proposed supporting the consultants opinions, it’s understood. Otium are the experts and their opinion of what is best to serve a community with a financial viability is highly regarded. On the other hand the 50m pool people have provided no concrete evidence at all of any financial benefit. Simply moaning on and having letters of endorsement doesn't represent an open and transparent plan of the true financial costs of a the benefits of adding a 50m pool. Public Speaker forum Peter Coggin caved in to the Mayor with her question "How much dis he expect the community to pay per head to subsidise pool usage because they currently pay $6.50 per head per visit?" All he could do was to say that should be worked out by the bean counters. Well Peter and the rest of your 50m pool mob, the bean counters have worked it out at $6.50 and say a 50m pool will cost more - so where are the figures you have to say your demands are so affordable? The reason the community have had a 50m pool for 51 years is because it was basically gifted and then run on the smell of an oily rag with fundraising drives. It isn't anything swish. Just an outdoor pool at the end of its life. A new pool is far more complex, much more design demanding, far higher quality and covered and airconditioned with better facilities so either you are arguing for like with like replacement or trying to compare your old bruised lemon with a new season mango. Either way you have nothing on the table except a lot of people aying they want a 50m pool but not mentioning $$$s at all. The argument is not about the size of the pool - it is about the size of the grant and what will be used (in the opinion of highly respected experts) and guess what ... your opinion is just that - loud voices with no financial substance - where is your feasability study - you want to make changes to the concept plan NOW before it is too late - where are your changes, are they costed, do they have the public support, where is the evidence that your consultation is better than Council's consultation? Get as many letters as you want, knock yourselves out, but you got no numbers? Where are your spreadsheets or costed option to deliver NOW at a concept level as you are demanding of Council? You got nothin' ecept a bucke tfull of whine and groan and the councillors have disengaged. Pollock turns his back on you and the mayor just ignores you and publicly dismisses you. None of them went to your pack the pool. What does that say. Think the whoopsie in the pool Nathan referred to might actually turn out to be a dead horse. The Local members encouragement for the council to apply for grant funding when he did may have been premature at the time not allowing all those interested to properly participate in their business with it. The idea of a 1000 seat auditorium being part of any development is very unlikely. A 200 seat auditorium could be the end result. No one seems to know who is going to use it. Bananas in Pajamas, The Wiggles. Batemans Bay has an excellent, well attended theater owned by the Bay Players. They won't be moving to the auditorium and paying high rents to use the space. Moruya will have a regional arts gallery so what will be exhibited and who is going to fill the gymnasium and massage rooms and the arts rooms and the meeting rooms at high rental - that's right, no-one. Council is going to sell the community centre and thinks everyone will use the new facility. Guess again. All the groups will use the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club or Catalina Country Club as they are beginning to do in droves as the rent for the Council spaces grows and grows. Bands and performers already preference the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club which has all the amenities anyone might need from parking to accessibility inclusion, food, bars and an excellent auditorium. They have exceptionally well qualified employees, a commitment to the community and a substantial investment in the community so why would and should Eurobodalla Council build an auditorium that has no known demand, that will have less capacity, be expensive to hire, have no staff or ancillary amenities and offer competition to a local business. One of the very (unspoken) reasons for the purchase of the Batemans Bay Bowling Club site was that a Sydney football club wanted the site to expand into the South East and that if the sale went ahead it would bring a domino consequence to patronage of one of Batemans Bay clubs struggling at the time. A councilor at the time has admitted that was the reason for the purchase saying "we had no choice". But Council still have not openly and publicly admitted why it bought the site. Why the coverup? The community have been pre-warned to expect less so that means it WILL only get a 25m pool and if lucky a 200 capacity hall - suck that in protagonists - the decision is out of your hands now and in fact never was in your hands - public consultation hahahaha - yes, just saw a pig fly by my window.

Happy Christmas

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