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Please explain Mr Vice President of the LGNSW - what do we get for our money

The Beagle Editor

Last Sunday December 3 – 2017 several of the Shires councillors including some senior staff left the Shire to attend the Local Government New South Wales Annual Conference in Sydney the venue being the Hyatt Hotel in Sydney. The Annual conference concluding on the following Thursday December 7 apparently allowing the Councillors and Staff who attended a Day to get back home for the weekend. Local Government New South Wales is in effect a “Union” of New South Wales local Council’s. Council’s who belong to the organisation LGNSW “Union” pay an annual fee to do so. The money or fee is in fact supplied by the Ratepayers and Residents. The shires residents and ratepayers as reasonable and trusting people would expect the shires representatives attending the Annual Conference at their expense, to submit items for discussion on behalf of the shire’s residents to the conference for discussion, how ever that apparently didn’t occur. Because that didn’t occur it is reasonable to ask all the councillors, why that was the case! After all they authorised the attendances to the conference and the expenditure of the shires residents and ratepayers funds that went with it !

Some public explaining is now necessary !

Allan Brown