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A little dictatorship allowed to flourish

The Beagle Editor,

The Batemans Bay pool fiasco began with a promise by Ferg Thomson. The promise was carried on by Lindsay Brown and Liz Inness, now all the other councillors have become part of the public deceit with the matter by supporting a smaller pool in Batemans Bay and Narooma being the 50 m pool town.

Apparently they are all prepared to close ranks now in an attempt to show Councillors are united. But the reality is they are being extremely devious not properly explaining why they are doing what they are completely relying on consultants opinions from out side the Eurobodalla Shire. The councillors, all of them by their actions to date on Batemans Bay pool matter, have shown they are incapable of allowing genuine community involvement in the community funded council business. A local council dictatorship has been allowed to flourish.

Everything being decided in “Secret Workshops” and ratified at open council meetings with a finger up.

Allan Brown