Boat overturns on notorious Tuross Bar

A twin hulled fishing boat with two passengers overturned on the Tuross Bar as it was making its way out to sea. Though only small waves they were solid in strength and managed to flip the boat as it bow was caught and forced sideways. Both passengers, wearing Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) were thrown free and managed to make it to the beach just ahead of the attending Tuross Marine Jetski that arrived ahead of Tuross Marine 12 rescue jetboat crew. Blaise Madden, Unit Commander of the Tuross Head Marine Rescue advised the Beagle that the men were given first aid on the beach until an ambulance arrived. Both were later taken to Moruya Hospital for further observation. On board was an estimated $5000 worth of gear that has now been lost. It was the first time over the bar for the boat and its owner. The boat remains on the beach until conditions allow it to be righted and towed.

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