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50m BBay Pool is STILL ON THE TABLE - Andrew Constance - Council instructed to review costs.


Today, the Batemans Bay 50m Pool team, Batemans Bay Indoor Aquatic Centre Committee and members of the swimming community met with Minister Constance to discuss the possibility of a 50m pool to be placed on the table for inclusion in the Mackay Park Precinct Redevelopment concept plan which is currently under consideration for funding.

Representatives from pool user groups who had not been consulted by council throughout the process raised some very good points and took the opportunity to present their views for the very first time. Also in attendance were Mayor Innes and Councillor Rob Pollock.

Minister Constance acknowledged the tireless effort of the Batemans Bay Indoor Aquatic Centre Committee over a number of years.


  1. Minister Constance assured the meeting that the 50m pool is still on the table.

  2. Top level swimming coaches are more likely to be attracted to aquatic centres with a 50m pool.

  3. The Minister also assured the meeting that he would work with council and the community groups in an effort to ensure continuing unity.

  4. Mr Constance also alluded to the possibility of funds being available from the three levels of government and would pursue this on behalf of the community.

  5. Minister Constance directed Mayor Liz Innes to consult with the General Manager, Dr Catherine Dale and request a review of the construction and running costs of both a 25m and a 50m pool in the concept plan. He also instructed the mayor to report back to him and the community on that and he will advise us when this is to happen.

It was disappointing to note that the councillors present did not appear to have altered their position.

It’s imperative that we don’t lose sight of the importance of social cohesion that benefits the community by providing a facility for all pool user groups. This can be lost sight of in the stark world of economic rationalisation that drives Eurobodalla Shire Council’s decision making.

Pending further advice from the Minister and Council, we intend to continue our push for the 50m pool.

Don’t forget to join us and show your support by turning up at 10.30 am with your togs to the Batemans Bay Swimming Saturday 25th November 2017. Bring your grandma, grandpa, kids, grandkids and most important, bring your passion!

Check us out online at @fight for the 50.

Maureen Searson, Peter Coggan, Coral Anderson

Above: Some thoughtful words by Kate Lockley from the Bay Post (October 25) about the need for a 50 metre pool in Batemans Bay.

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