Presenting with Panache

At EuroSCUG’s last monthly meeting, senior computer users welcomed Committee Member Amanda Annabel as Guest Speaker. Amanda’s presentation was entitled “Presenting with Panache” and all present later agreed that Amanda certainly did that!

Amanda recently received the Toastmasters Area Director of the Year Award for 2016/2017 for area 70, an area which covers a large part of NSW. Using her 16 years experience with Toastmasters, she demonstrated the strategies people can use to build self-confidence and leadership skills to become competent public speakers and leaders.

She explained how you can dissipate the adrenaline build-up that all speakers feel before giving a presentation. You should remember that the audience want you to succeed – they have come to hear what you have to say. Work out the reason for your speech – to entertain, educate, inform – and whether a Powerpoint presentation is appropriate. Organise the order of the speech elements and prepare a speech to cover the appropriate time, utilising a timing device, possibly a person signalling selected time segments.

Dull down your dress and jewellery, to minimise distractions and keep people engaged. Modulate speech, using up and down tonal qualities, avoiding a monotone. Pausing is acceptable,if possible at a point of suspense. Perhaps take a drink of water to allow you to gather your thoughts

Maintain eye contact with your audience, moving your eyes from one person to another. This will gain their trust. Use appropriate gestures to match what you are saying, and use the available space to move around – this may allow more people to see you if their view is obstructed by a column or the person in front.

The only way to perfect your technique is to practice, and have someone evaluate your performance, providing both positive and negative feedback.

EuroSCUG’s next meeting will be the Christmas Party at Moruya Golf Club. Members will enjoy games, time to socialise, and a delicious delicious Club Chef’s Carvery. They will then take a break before meeting again in February 2018.

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Above: Amanda Annabel (L) and Diane Hay

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