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An interview with local author Sharon Halliday

Sharon Halliday is a local author, Reiki practitioner, mother and was weekly columnist “Ask Sharon” for Griffith’s The Area News. Her book, Messages from the Heart: 39 Answers to YOUR Life Questions, was released in June this year and is a collection of her columns, which were based on her advice to real-life questions from real people.

Above: Local author Sharon Halliday with her newly published Messages from the Heart The book addresses the topics of money, work, relationships, health and well being, happiness and more. Sharon was part of Amazon’s bestselling 365 Moments of Grace, and her column about the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes campaign to end violence against women, was featured in Wagga Wagga’s The Daily Advertiser. From about the age of 11 she has been passionate about writing. In an interview with Sharon earlier this week she told the Beagle: "It was around that time I won a Henry Lawson award for my poem, "The Fog", and then I really started to immerse myself in it. "Armed with a notebook and HB pencil, I would venture to the furthest corner of my family's orchard and sit and write. I scribbled about life on the farm, which included everything from the struggles to the sunsets. Later I would write about boys, and as an adult, the loss of our family business and my parent's divorce. Then came the boxes of journals about love and parenting. "In 2017, I fulfilled my life-long dream of becoming a published author when I released Messages from the Heart: 39 Answers to YOUR Life Questions. This was a collection of my columns I wrote as "Ask Sharon" for The Area News. "My role as "Ask Sharon" was like an agony aunt where people from the community could submit questions about life and I would answer them with my angel and oracle card readings.Then I would add a self-help quote from around the world and provide some practical advice. "The book covers all the key things such as money, work, relationships, happiness, health and wellbeing as well as quotes from Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Dr Phil, among many others. "So far it has been well received and reviews have been glowing. "I was also a co-author, along with 250 other beautiful souls from around the world, of 365 Moments of Grace. In this book, we shared moments of grace we've experienced in our lives with the hope of inspiring others. "Within hours of being released, 365 Moments of Grace was a #1 bestseller in seven categories on Amazon in the United States and Canada. "Eventually, I hope to help others pursue their dream of becoming a published author. "For now, to anyone who is considering writing a book, the first thing I would say is,it's not for the faint-hearted. The second thing I would say is go for it!" Locally, the Sharon's book Messages from the Heart: 39 Answers to YOUR Life Questions is stocked at Whilby Loved in the Village Centre Batemans Bay and The Oracle Harmony Centre (underneath the Perry Streey cinemas). It can also be bought directly from me online via her website at Reviewers comments: "Whether you’ve never picked up a self-help book before or are an avid fan, and whether you live in country Australia or metropolitan New York City, Sharon Halliday’s quirky little book of positivity might just hold the answers you’re looking for" "I love this book! Unlike other self-help books, it’s an easy, interesting and often funny read. In her answers Sharon quotes from many sources, from Dr Phil to Ita Buttrose!The question and answer format also sets it apart and I often related to the real people,their circumstances and their questions. Now, I will often just turn to a page at random or check the contents or comprehensive index for an answer to a troubling situation…or simply for a hit of positivity!" “Sharon’s writing is a gift—wise, insightful, often funny, illuminating and transformative.” – Alex Kingsmill, as seen on The Today Show and Founder of Upstairs Coaching." .

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