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Will it be the SameSame or different

Dear Beagle Editor, With all the behind the scene discussions about the design of the B/Bay Bridge and the CBD traffic arrangements that will happen as a consequence it is interesting to learn that all of this has long been on the discussion table way back in the days of Council's GM Jim Levy. Back then GM James had a dream for the Batemans Bay Bowling Club site that would see a community centre, an information centre and a bus station with ground floor novelty shops, some conference rooms and then accommodation above with a nice flyover to the mall. The dream back then was to have this filled with seniors who would use the public transport and long haul buses and spend their superannuation and pensions in the mall. Not a bad idea - Council could sell its Community Centre and the Information Centre (maybe even sell off or trade Albert Ryan Park as well) and that would give them some skin in the game for a Public Private Partnership that would see the Council facilities provided for and the Private partner could then sell off all the apartments and rent out all the shops. It was such a grand idea and the next GM that came along also thought it was a goldmine. All they had to do was buy the land. We hear that when it did come up for sale they buggered around for a while before committing and this cost the community another million. Doesn't matter though because it isn't THEIR money.

No doubt when they finally reveal the plans for the proposed new development of the Bowling Club Site it will look pretty much exactly how Jim Levy dreamed it back in the days when Council was designing the new CBD with its new mall. There is only one councillor left who will remember all of this and it will be interesting if he give a wry smile when he sees plans rolled out that strongly resemble the sketches of nearly twenty years ago. No doubt the new players on the stage will claim all the kudos for the grand plans but all they will be doing is rolling out history. Rumours have it that the plans are in the pipework. Let's see what comes out and see if we're surprised. Same same but different. Name and address supplied.