Snakes and pets - a heads-up as we approach summer

Above: attention getting photo of Beagle puppy to alarm readers that snakes are around

The usual yearly warning! Snakes are now around and your dog and cat will be curious and may get bitten!

The signs of snake bite can be varied, depending on the dose: dogs can show symptoms 1-6 hours and cats anything up to 15 hours after being bitten. They may show some or all of the following signs:

1. Sudden weakness followed by collapse.

2. Shaking or twitching of the muscles.

3. Vomiting.

4. Dilated pupils not responsive to light.

5. Blood in the urine.

6. Depression, quiet, unresponsive.

7. Disorientation.

8. Difficulty in breathing.

9. In the later stages paralysis may occur.

· Dogs can often collapse and then appear to recover, but, the venom is still circulating through their systems. If you suspect your pet may have been bitten they need urgent veterinary assistance.

We are embarking on another kitten season. If you have been thinking of getting a cat, let us know and we can take your name and contact you when a suitable kitten arrives. Alternatively, consider giving a home to an adult cat? Phone our Liaiason Officer on 0410 016 612 for more details.

The Animal Welfare League promotes responsible pet ownership. All animals available for adoption have been vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and de-sexed.,

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