Broulee Runners Wed 25th Oct

A big thank you to David McCann, Ross Hayward and Richard Fisher for their excellent management of this week's event. It is wonderful to see some of our regulars throw their hand up to help time and record the event when it is needed and is one of the reasons the club is a success and a pleasure to be a part of.

See you all next week at 5pm.

2 Kilometres Cathy West 8.53 Erin Domeny 10.00 Sunni West 10.06 Amber Domeny 10.50 Selby Johnston 11.07 Vaughan Gilligan11.09 Cat Johnston 12.04 Declan McPherson 12.33 Alba Van Der Meulen 12.46 Patrick Wade 12.58 Monty Lloyd-Jones 14.39 Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 14.40 Kathryn Jeffery 14.51 David McCann 15.20 Julien Dunne 17.11 Sabrina Mallard 17.12 Elani Van Der Meulen 18.32 Barbara Evans 18.43 Jo Pirro 20.05 Liz Pirro 20.05 Ros Hayward 20.11 Victoria Fleming 20.11 Daisy West 20.33 David West 20.33 Jenny Maher 28.01 Nina McPherson 28.06

3.5 Kilometres Julianne Domeny 19.37 Chris Gunn 23.40 Richard Fisher 24.14

5 Kilometres Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.22 Harrison Gilligan 21.00 Andrew McPherson 21.18 Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.46 Adrian Connor23.20 Gary Ashton 23.20 Louise Cox 24.28 Greg Flood 24.58 Nev Madden 25.35 Gary Matthews 25.43

39 starters

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