Eurobodalla Photographic Club calls on the pros

The October meeting of the Eurobodalla Photographic Club again saw some wonderful photographs from the members.

The club has set a goal to increase the educational and training component of meetings. This goal was certainly achieved in October, with excellent advice from expert wildlife photographer Rob Geraghty as well as from the excellent judge for the evening, Gillian Tedder, a well-known professional photographer.

Gillian’s advice to the members was wide-ranging and included her suggestions on composition and cropping to get the best possible photo, finding the best perspective for the shot and her tips on how to create the elusive, evocative shot that wins competitions.

Gillian shared some of her secrets in taking exceptional landscape and portrait photos. (A glance at her website shows that she knows what she is talking about! )

Rob Geraghty shared his insights into how to take great wildlife photographs, based on his several decades of experience!

Rob advocates shooting in ‘raw’, or uncompressed digital files, rather than in ‘jpeg’. This allows the best possible result from the camera and allows flexibility in refining the image.

Rob talked about the right equipment choices and described his decision-making on aperture, ISO settings, metering, focusing; all the art and mechanics of taking the perfect wildlife photograph!

Rob’s talk was illustrated by some breathtaking photographs from his recent trip to Africa.

The competition winners for the October meeting were as follows:



Gold Dave Kemp- Working Dog

Brian Gunter- Riverbed Gums

Silver Brian Gunter- Midnight Oil House

Jill Armstrong- Leaning right and left


Gold Dave Kemp – Showing the Bull

George Cook- Outback

Brian Gunter – Elder Range

Silver Anne Brown- Aileron Man

Bruce McGee- Baja Morning

Ric Banister – Tassie Pademelons

Michelle Merry- Chilling Out

Ric Banister- In Times of Drought


Gold George Cook- Rufous Long Lark

Marie Lund-Steps Up

Rob Geraghty- In The Shadows

Silver Ken Foster- Fancy Fungi

Michelle Merry-Glass House Rock

Ric Bannister-Orange Berry

Anne Brown- Snail

Rob Geraghty – Spring is Here

Mono Open

Gold Marie Lund- The Vatican Museum

Silver Beth Westra- Geese

IMAGE OF THE NIGHT: Projected – Dave Kemp- Showing the Bull

Print – Marie Lund-The Vatican Museum

The Eurobodalla photographic club meets every fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Tomakin Community Hall. More information can be found at their website:

There is also a Facebook page with regular updates.

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