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In Congo Creek – Life in an Australian estuary

It is with pleasure we present a video made by Gavin Gatenby that celebrates in detail the very reason we live in this #unspoilt corner of the world and care so much for what we have here. Gavin writes: "In Congo Creek – Life in an Australian estuary" hopefully shows those who live in, visit and are passionate about this area just how bountiful, beautiful and yet fragile a creek can be.

"It's one of dozens of watercourses in South-eastern Australia that are usually closed off from the sea by a natural sand berm. "The resulting separation from the ocean creates a brackish lagoon that only opens to the ocean naturally after heavy rainfall, very high tides and wild seas or a combination of these. "These intermittently open or closed lakes and lagoons (ICOLLs) are characterised by often large expanses of seagrass – flowering plants that thrive in warm shallow water. And seagrass beds feed and shelter many species of fish and crustaceans, including some that are mainstays of commercial and recreational fishing.

Video by Gavin Gatenby Music by Bryan Cutler

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