En Guard Council - you have a challenge ahead of you

Eurobodalla Shire Council, Mayor and Councillors

Excuse me, but we live here, shop here, socialise here, go to school here and pay our rates, all to keep you in a job.

We are not tourists, we actually live here all year round and we want to keep our 50m pool which has been here for over 60 years. What right do you have to take away a public facility that was gifted to us without even asking those of us who actually use the facility? You claim you called for expressions of interest but that was in relation to the bowling club that you purchased. The arts people were led to believe that they could use this building for their long awaited dream. The indoor heated pool people were led to believe that they could use this site for their long awaited indoor heated ‘hydrotherapy pool’. Instead we got what no one asked for. An overcosted plan that no one is happy with. If you think that the community is not talking, think again. The gags are off! Little did we pool users think for one minute that you would be even thinking about taking away our Olympic sized swimming pool. Let us assure you that you have a fight on your hands Council. En garde!

Fight for our 50m Pool!

(Name withheld please)

Editors Note: In a correspondence today to a ratepayer the following communication was provided by Council:

Unfortunately for Council the above response has not been accepted. Several capable and very interested parties have carefully read through Otium’s report and find that it does not inform ‘how’ they arrived at the ‘extra $6.5m for a 50m pool’ nor does it expand on ‘how’ they arrived at the ‘extra $300,000 pa’ operating costs for a 50m pool. Independent on the ground research is beginning to conflict with Otium’s figures and as such question the Draft Business Case that will be "owned" by the Eurobodalla ratepayer.

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