South Coast ASA Discussion Group meeting Oct 17th

Just a reminder that our next meeting is TOMORROW 17 October at 2.00pm at our normal venue.

I will be giving an introductory presentation on the Psychology of Investing - in particular, how do our own personality traits affect the decisions we make as an investor.

Just as a matter of interest, I have also attached a copy of the group share portfolio (part 1 and 2 - they wont all fit on one sheet).

You will notice that the total portfolio is up over 7% since 01 July 2017, with 3 stocks up over 50%, another 3 stocks more up more than 20%, and another 9 over 10%. Not bad work for just 15 weeks into the financial year.

Just incidentally, you may recall that I bought a number of shares on behalf of our daughter and her partner between mid August and end of September. They sold their house in May and want to invest the money for a while. Their portfolio is currently up over 9% in just over 2 months.

Both these portfolios were up to date at the close of the market on 16 October 2017

I have attached a copy of both portfolio's for your information. None of these shares should be taken as any type of recommendation, please make sure you do your own research before you invest in any shares.

I also have some news to share from an investment service in Melbourne for the new investors who might like a helping hand to get started in investing in the stock market.

See you tomorrow at 2.00pm


Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png