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Tuross Progress Assoc meeting Oct 5th

At its general meeting last week the Tuross Head Progress Association had some robust discussions regarding the light on One Tree Point and the water tank to be installed at the rear of the Kyla Hall. Firstly, and with much mirth it has now been established that Council will reinstate the One Tree light that illuminates the point, the steps and the pathway. Residents might recall that the light was disconnected by Council around the time of the One Tree Point upgrade. The THPA formally asked on several occasions to have the light reinstated however Council steadfastly refused saying that a light on the point would only attract miscreants. Though it was actually Council who first installed the light to keep miscreants at bay must have been conveniently forgotten. Council said it had neither the inclination or the money to reinstate the light. The THPA pressed on and committed to purchasing and installing a solar powered street light and sought Councils permission to use the same hole that the existing light pole sits in. (Marine Rescue volunteered to remove the pole for their own communication needs). The solar power flood lights option to be funded by the THPA was ruled out on technical and environmental grounds; as work to install solar light posts would have had a detrimental impact upon the surrounding vegetation and the unstable sand-dunes. In a HUGE turn around Council then agreed to reinstate the light, powered by the same circuit as the street lights but with a curfew of 9pm (apparently all the miscreants go to bed before 9pm). It was laughing explained that with daylight saving the light might only be on for 1/2 hour per day. In the end Council have now agreed to install two 80w lights to effectively illuminate the path and the point which will be connected to the street light circuit and operate with the same timings. The cost will be $2700 of which the THPA have agreed to pay as the solar lights that they agreed to purchase were $3300. Thanks go to the Mayor for providing logic and guidance and overruling the dogged resistance that had not only left a bad taste in the communities mind but had no basis in any reasoning considering it was Council who first installed the light. The second equally embarrassing issue discussed at the meeting was of the long winded fiasco of the Tuross Community Gardens accessing water from the Kyla Hall. For years there has been a desire of the Gardens to have access to the roof water of the Kyla Hall to supplement their own rainwater catchment and storage. By rights it was a simple thing. Install a rain water tank, run a pipe and job done. Council said NO to a rainwater tank. Next came the HUGE fiasco of Council demanding that a new shed be built next to the community gardens that (could provide water). This subterfuge has resulted in one of the worst points in the Council/Tuross Head Community relationship since they blatantly lied and attempted to gain control of the community classified Kyla Grazing lots for their own sale and income. This time the subterfuge ran deeper and saw a massive public backlash resulting in the Council having to back down and build the shed on the same location as the old shed. Next came the discussions for a $13000 rainwater tank to be installed with an overland pipe. But what of the water for the gardens. After several years of public meetings, countless letters and heated debate Council has revealed that there is a tap just 100 m away that the Community Gardens can connect into. Job done, however it has left the community baffled as to why this information was not offered four years ago. On to the $13,000 water tank. As it turns out there is still a need for a 25,000 litre water tank as the local fire brigade have carried out a practice drill and found that the time lag for rolling out 7 lengths of hose to Lake Street to fight a hall fire would take 25 minutes. Council have advised that the hall doesn't warrant a hydrant as it is 450m2 and only halls >500m2 have hydrants. Additionally the pipe supply is too thin for the pressure the Fire Brigade needs. An d NO, they can't pump the salty water from Coila Lake through their pumps and hoses without damaging them. So back to the water tank. The Fire Brigade have prepared a report that recommends a 25,000 litre tank be installed near the hall with a special fitting suitable for a fire hose. They can then use that and the 3000 litres they carry on board. "Our recommendations for such a tank would be that it: Be located as far from the hall as is practically possible so that it is less likely to be itself effected in the event of a fire at the hall. If the existing slab at the rear of the hall is to be used, that the tank be on the outer edge. Ideally, the tank would be sited on a new slab established at some distance from the hall, plumbed to the roof of the hall with underground pipework." Total cost if on slab - NO not $13,000 as quoted by Council. More like $4000 with the attachment thrown in. There was $6000 left over from the building of the new shed so possibly Council might now contribute that to the purchase of the water tank having NOW been advised to install one by the Fire Brigade with $500 thrown in from the THPA to by the special attachment. John Tilbook's telling of the entire embarrasing tale bought a good belly laugh to those at the meeting however it is disappointing to laugh at Council that seems to be continually failing this community. TUROSS HEAD PROGRESS ASSOCIATION INC.

Minutes of the meeting to be held

Thursday, 5th October 2017 at the Kyla Hall, Tuross Head

The Meeting commenced at 2.10 pm with Mr Gary Cooper in the Chair.

Welcome and introduction.

1. Attendees: 16 Members signed the Register.

2. Apologies: (16) Patrick McNeile (Vice President & Minute Secretary); Graham Pratt; Deidre Meek, Marilyn Bingham; Ian Bingham; Andrew Gordon; Rob Rixon; Lynette Rixon; Raymond Brown; June Brown; Dr Gwen Singleton, Lynne Armstrong; Pat Wagstaff; John Wagstaff; Maggie Cooper; Janet Jones.

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Monthly meeting held 3rd August 2017. Acceptance: Proposed by Secretary, seconded Ian Fraser - CARRIED


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The esteemed Treasurer, Joan Buchan, read out the following financial statement which forms part of the Minutes. In summary, as follows:

THPA General Account Balance: @ 3 August 2017 $5,722.26

Receipts: 42 x Members Subscriptions = $210.

Plus Raffle proceeds donation = $43.50. + $253.50_ progressive Working Account Balance = $5,975.76

Expenses: Deduct rent of Kyla Hall period

Jul 17 to Feb 18 THPA meetings = $124.00,

Annual Report registration to NSW Dept Fair

Trading (Form A12) = $45.00 - $169.00

Working Bank balance as @ 5 October 2017 = $5,806.76

THPA Cycle/walk Accounts:

Cycleway Working A/c balance as at 3 August 2017 $4,868.13

Receipts: Bank interest Quarter +_$_NIL____

Updated working balance at 5 October 17 =$4,868.13

Payments/Expenses - Outgoings: NIL

Cycle/walk working balance @ 5 October 2017 = $4,868.13

Plus Fixed Term Deposit $20,000.00

Cycle/walk Accounts Total as at 5 October =$24,868.13