New $10 note out today

The new $10 banknote will be available from today when circulation commences. Some security features which were brought in with the new $5 note last year have been added in a bid to make Australian cash harder to counterfeit, including a clear panel which spans from top to bottom which "contains multiple interactive elements." The new Australian $10 banknote retains it blue tones and the faces of literary talents and takes on new splashes of yellow and tactile features.

Following in the footsteps of the $5 note, which hit wallets last September, the currency will have a top-to-bottom clear window and a rolling patch of colour to secure it from counterfeiting. It also retains the images of AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson and Dame Mary Gilmore . Click HERE for details of each of the many unique banknote features

All existing notes can continue to be used while they are progressively withdrawn from circulation. Late next year a fresh $50 banknote is expected to enter circulation, with the remaining currencies to following in subsequent years. Source: The Net

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