An open letter to Forestry Corporation regarding logging in the Dunns Creek area

Dear Beagle Editor, Your readers might be interested in a letter i have penned today to the NSW Forestry Corporation. Dear Forestry Corporation, 19/9/2017

Now that logging has well and truly commenced on the eastern side of Dunns Creek (compartment 147 & 148 Mogo State Forest), I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the community to request you please ask your contractors to be mindful of the fact that the area being logged is very special to the community, containing many beautiful walking/mountain bike riding /horse riding trails.

The area is also abundant with wildlife including the endangered yellow bellied gliders and greater gliders, found by a community faunal survey. It also contains ring-tailed possums, echidnas, wombats, lyrebirds, goannas and uncountable other native species.

The areas trees, now it is spring, are full of nesting birds with newly hatched offspring.

The community is very concerned about the welfare of these animals.

Will you please request your contractor’s do all they can to identify and avoid trees with nest or hollows? Would Forestry Corporation inspect the area to be logged each day with a drone, to identify trees with nests?

Members of the community have taped 21 trees on the eastern side of Dunns Creek with caution tape, EPA have also marked extra trees for retention.

These trees have, via a ground based assessment, been verified as hollow bearing by senior ecologist of National Parks Association, Oisin Sweeney.

We ask that you please retain these trees and all other hollow bearing trees to provide a little habitat for the animals and birds dislodged by the logging of the western side of Dunns Creek, the areas behind Batehaven and Surf Beach and the soon to be logged compartments behind Mogo.

We also ask that the Glenbog protocol, which identifies and avoids wombat burrows is adhered to, as previously agreed by Forestry Corp.

Yours Sincerely

Lisa Pfitzner

On behalf of the Batemans Bay community

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